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WTF: Camp Vegas

By Chuckmonster on Wednesday, 12th May 2010 2:47pm
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While we were on vacation, the LVCVA (Las Vegas Visitors and Convention Authority) has unleashed their latest ad campaign which is designed to entice folks like us to come visit Las Vegas. Previous campaigns included the phenomenally popular "What happens here, stays here" catchphrase, the phenomenally strange "What's Your Excuse? Chinchilla Day" adverts and the phenomenally ridiculous "Your Vegas is showing" slogan.

For 2010, they're enticing you to come to "Camp Vegas" (but didn't have the foresight to buy the domain CampVegas.com... oooops!)

Poor Holly Madison... you can almost feel her pain as she musters up her last piece of gusto to read the cue card. Sad.

Being that we are members of LVCVA's target market - Las Vegas tourists with a penchant for going there to blow the rent money (and more!) on stupid shit like dice clocks, yards of beer, room service, blow jobs, room service blow jobs AND bail money - perhaps we can (once again) offer a little guidance on what tickles our Vegas tripping mid-brains.

Advert #1

Super fast film of person packing, picking up their friends, driving (or flying) to Vegas which explodes into a rotating 3D still photo of craps table - dice in the air, chips flying, an equal opportunity array of people types - hotties, choads, grannys, jocks, jerks, bride and groom, fatsos, perverts, plus the original folks - surrounding the table. At crescendo, visuals cut to website url and sound drops to a woman's voice who coyly whispers as website:

"You know you want to."

Lather rinse repeat with different people and different activities... food, shows, sight seeing, night clubs, pools etc.. No chinchillas.

Advert #2

Woman: "I like it when I'm on top."
Man: "I was behind at first."
Middle Aged Couple: She: "He kept going all night." He: "She made me stop."
Young Couple: He: "This was her first time." She: "It was awesome."
Group: "We came together."
Granny: "I've been doing it for 73 years."


Advert #3

Alligators Welcome.

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Comments & Discussion:

The Camp Vegas spot doesn't even show a casino. I guess they no longer have gambling in Vegas!

Am I the only one who thinks Vegas will come out of this recession (who knows when?) a totally different place?
Starting with Steve Wynn's The Mirage, Vegas' image began to change from an inexpensive gambling town to an alternative to some of the most expensive, luxurious resort destinations in the world. The high-end restaurants, celebrity chefs, beautiful rooms and suites plus the casinos all added to the panache.
Now, when the best luxury hotels have to charge $100 a night to fill their rooms and every property has "Rehab" type pool parties day and night as well as all-night clubs, Las Vegas' perceived glamour may be gone for good.
Does Vegas want to be memorialized by the "Drunk in Vegas" You Tube videos? If too many of the 35+ million visitors annually to Vegas are typified by the drunks in the videos, how will Vegas rebound with a broad base of both independent tourists and conventions?
Maybe I awakened in a bad mood today, and maybe I'm too conservative, but noisy, non-stop drunks don't appeal to me when I'm in a hotel. Even Steve Wynn needs to make sure he keeps a proper balance as he opens Encore Beach Club and Surrender.
The Times They Are A-Changin'

When I first heard about this I thought they were going for a hipster "camp" thing, as in "campy," with Liberace, white tigers, and the aforementioned dice clocks. But no, they just meant a real camp.

They get points for trying, but I think the message you want to send is "Vegas=Freedom." It would help if you dropped the non-optional resort fees, though.

Detroit, you are right about the cultural shift. Who would have guessed in 1989 that one day the Mirage would have its own tattoo parlor?

At the end of the day, the city needs visitors, which means that it's got to be many different things to many different people. Alligators included, apparently.

Another takeaway: judging from the alligator's footwear, he couldn't make it into the bar at MO; use this knowledge when planning your next night out.

Lots of T&A always works for me, but I'm an old perv. At least they're selling sex again and not pushing the "Dorks in Vegas" theme of the recent adverts.

I like your ideas, #2 especially. Not bad, not bad at all.

Can anyone identify the hotel in the drunk video? Holy crap that guy was cooked.

I liked the video, but is Vegas just full of "good looking" people now? I didn't see one "average" person in their entire ad!! As for the Alligator, wow, I wonder how many chodes were passed out in their suite? 4 more?

I like how the LVCVA sprung for the wrinkley-ass, $14.99 vinyl banner from Kinkos to change the "Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas" sign into a "Camp Vegas" sign. Classy.

As a fat, balding, middle-class, married man in his very late 30's, I can't tell you how much I hate the Situation-ification of Las Vegas. I couldn't possibly give two shits about an all day European pool party that morphs by night into an E-fueled pose-off, hosted by DJ Genghis Khan. (Seriously, doesn't that Steve Aoki guy look like 80's character actor and Bill and Ted's star Al Leong?)

Encore is about to undergo a fundamental change. The question that remains unanswered is whether the bottom line from bottle service from the Kardashian-hosted parties will make up for the lost revenue from schmucks like me who end up back down the street at Bellagio.

^^ my hero

That ad strike me as good for the LA/driveable market but not so much for people who have to fly to Las Vegas. Pools? I love 'em, but I'm not going to fly across the country for a pool party. I'm always surprised that Las Vegas doesn't do more to market it's proximity to the Grand Canyon and other things that are unique and special -- like the best gambling in the world!! Pools? In summer we got 'em all over the East Coast. That ad looked like South Beach which is a lot closer to me than Las Vegas.


"Pools? I love 'em, but I'm not going to fly across the country for a pool party."

But there are many others that will! And to be fair, the gambling isn't all that unique any more, either... That's why the pool parties and the restaurants and the stores and all the other attractions were added. We needed to prove to visitors that Vegas has far more than AC, Detroit, Philly, Connecticut, the CA Indian casinos, and all the other casinos throughout the country.

Dr. Dave-

"At the end of the day, the city needs visitors, which means that it's got to be many different things to many different people. Alligators included, apparently."

Ding ding ding ding ding, we have a winner here! We need to attract all sorts of demographic groups, including the 20-something Kardashian/Hilton/Federline/Situation wannabes that we all love to hate. The last thing Vegas can afford is reverting to its pre-Mirage 1980s doldrums when the high-rollers were elsewhere, the middle class was elsewhere, the young folks were elsewhere, the mob was forced elsewhere, only a few old geezers were left, and the biggest "celebrity" to grace The Strip was Barbara Mandrell.


"I guess they no longer have gambling in Vegas!"

Nope... But as I said above, gambling is no longer unique to Vegas. One can just drive to Palm Springs or Tunica or Bethlehem to go to a casino. Vegas needs more to attract more visitors. And this means pool parties, megamalls, big name restaurants, and big name shows. If you don't like the pool parties, there are many other entertainment options available. That's the beauty of Vegas v.2010. :-)

Misnomer and HowardPark couldn't be more correct in how skewed Vegas' view is of what people want. I'd view a person who told me they went to Vegas to check out Rehab in the same light as I'd view a person who told me they still enjoy a good rave.

What's always been Vegas' draw for me is that it's such an easy place for people to have an experience unique to their tastes. Like casino's? Check. Pools? Check. Food? Check. Shows? Check.

I live in a section of Atlanta where I never see someone wearing an Ed Hardy shirt, and I've picked this area on purpose. That lifestyle ain't for everyone.

The LVCVA would serve themselves well to sell people their own unique experience instead of one that requires hair gel, 12-pack abs, fake tans and fist pumping.

Just sayin'.

There is still a much greater variety of gambling in Las Vegas than anywhere else but obviously there has been a sea change on the national level. I never gamble in St. Louis, Philly or California -- I always gamble in Las Vegas. My 2 cents is just that there are a lot more people out here, including a lot of 20somethings, who would be attracted by the proximity to places like Grand Canyon, Zion Canyon, Lake Mead, Red Rock Canyon and even Valley of Fire than a Rehab like pool party. Everyone I know already knows that Las Vegas has great pools, some of the best in the world, buffets, production and Cirque shows and gambling they don't know anything else.

Yeah but you guys are "Voices of Reason" here and VORs aren't stupid enough to spring a grand for a couple bottles of table-service booze or for an afternoon's cabana rental. This ad is to entice morons they can fleece even if they don't come within a hundred yards of a gaming table or machine.

Don't worry, I'm sure LVCVA will have ads geared for you and other market segments as well.

"Camp Vegas" ? Are you kidding me? Worst slogan ever.

Holly's read was certainly not the usual "gung-ho" attitude that she does things with. Maybe there may be some question about the long-term viability of Peepshow...

The LVCVA could not find their ass with both hands. No shock that they didn't lock up the CampVegas.com domain (although now it appears they have it... with nothing on it).

I had to pass on guesting on a nationally syndicated lifestyle radio show on about 40 terrestrial stations (Cigar Dave) about a year ago as I was way under the weather (no voice). Dave instead got someone from the LVCVA who (among other gems) noted upon a question about Hugo's Cellar... that it was at Binion's.

We have SoCal based Tripping, Rate Hunter Gang... and then that Bill Ordine from Baltimore (who barely knows what he is talking about and is one notch above the LVCVA when it comes to making people think he is a Vegas expert), and that American Casino Guide guy from Florida (who does actually research his stuff). All of whom could have run circles around this LVCVA guy.

Holy crap... we locked up PartyVegas.com years ago after hearing too many drunk people going "Party... Vegas" and similar forms of the above. We actually have a bunch of cool 20-somethings on board to start to launch it soon. (Pay no attention to the placeholder stuff we have there right now).

Of course, the LVCVA is SO much smarter than everybody walking the face of the earth. They have almost noted as much. No one could come up with this stuff like R&R could (according to various articles published when they were asked about this).

I guess that the rest of us are just going to have to stagger out of bed and sober up once in a while long enough to punk them.

Which (over the course of the next few years) won't be hard. At the rate LVCVA and R&R are going... we can see that they are already both out of ideas and out of ways to execute them.

And... this is ON the record.

PS I want to be clear that I am CONTRASTING Tripping and Hunter apart from the LVCVA and others who pretend to know Las Vegas.

My point was to note that both the best Vegas pundits... and even the worst Vegas pundits... all run circles around the LVCVA/R&R so-called experts.

I have to say that the pool at a property is definitely low on the list of why I stay at a certain property. Although for my upcoming trip, I do intend to get a little pool time in since normally my trips do not fall within the typical "pool season" nor do I usually pack a pair of swim trunks (Although if the money is right, I'll waltz into the pool at the Golden Nugget wearing a banana hammock. Overweight hairy bald guy in a Speedo, if that doesn't scream Vegas, I don't know what would...)

Camp Vegas sounds like an ad campaign directed at the kids while Mommy and Daddy drop the house payments and Junior's college money on the poker slots......

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