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Tropwatch: Nikki Beach Club Coming 2011

By Chuckmonster on Wednesday, 12th May 2010 3:15am
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The rebranding of the Tropicana took a giant leap off the deep end with the announcement that their new pool offerings will be rebranded in 2011 as Nikki Beach at Tropicana Las Vegas.

Nikki Beach, for those who don't know (I didn't), is an international "lifestyle brand" corporation most known for operating dayclub/nightclub atmospheres from Miami to Thailand to Panama City and all points between.

@Troplv posted a number of photos of todays announcement via their The Twitter account, one of which includes this:

Rocking the dongled cardigan is Nikki Beach's honcho Jack "spoil the child, save the" Penrod. Next to him - supremely killing it in a double breasted suit jacket with gold buttons (a Captain's hat shy of being a spot-on Judge Smails costume) - is Tropicana CEO Alex Yemenidjian. Rocking the mic is the man responsible for the resurrections of Luxor and Planet Hollywood, Tropicana President Tom McCartney.

But thats not all...

Far off to the right, two dishes of cheesecake are being served up for the camera contingents of the local press outlets. From here it looks like Mr. Abflex is playing two finger peekaboo into Miss Cupcake's diapers. Cup check? Radioing the tower for landing strip clearance? Checking ID's? Seeing whats fresh in the deli case? Lost keys? Looking for a map in the glove compartment?

In all seriousness... the Trop pool has long been known for being one of the best no-nonsense hotel pools and having one of the deepest deep ends in all of Vegas. With the introduction of a poolside day club at the Trop, the act of relaxing around the pool listening to a duet of wind rustling palm fronds and ice rattling at the bottom of a double cadillac margarita appears to be dead in Las Vegas. One of Nikki Beach's lifestyle products is seasonal collections of tropicalia acid jazz oontz oontz oontz CDs, which you can sample here.

Does the Trop even stand a chance when pitted against Encore Beach Club, Hard Rock's newly expanded Rehab pool complex, MGM's Wet Republic, Liquid at ARIA plus Bellagio and Mirage's dayclub offerings? We all know that the guys will go where the hot chix are. The hot chix will go where the hot guys with $$$ are - probably not the Trop.

Renovating the Trop = great idea. Trying to get it to compete with The Mirage = dicey uphill battle.

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Comments & Discussion:

I miss the days of a Vegas resort pool that you could go and grab a chair and a cocktail and enjoy the weather. It seems like the strip is turning into one big club. Maybe they will figure out a way to turn the casinos into clubs and charge cover and have bottle service as well.

@Donnymac, didn't they already do that with the private gambling parlors?

Mmmm... roast beef.

Bad move. I was really hoping that the Trop renovation would bring to Vegas a new (old) vision of unpretentious atmosphere mixed with quality and service. The LA club scene is without a doubt what is killing this city. If Vegas wants to survive, it's time for a change.

a bit of sad news here, sounds like the previous PH management is taking the property down the same path as they did with PH. Instead of settling into the middle and serving a base that gambles, has discretionary income and is loyal. They seem intent on chasing the same demographic, that HR, Palms, and every other 'hip' destination is trying for.

I'd expect if you've done any gambling at the Trop for the offers to hold through the renovations and then they drop the offers for mid tier gamblers and shoot for the high end. I hope that's not the case, but I imagine it's going to be what they target. Hope they have better luck then they did as PH though, at least they'll have less debt to deal with, then PH was saddled with during the remodel.

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