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Bittersuites: Mirage's New Offerings Coming In August 2010

By MikeE on Tuesday, 11th May 2010 2:37am
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The Mirage recently announced via their Facebook page that we'd finally see new suites this coming August. Here's a teaser.


Two decades ago, Caesars Palace was king until Mirage opened its doors and stole a large percentage of their highest rolling customers. They did this with great restaurants, great standard rooms, and most importantly, incredible suites. Given, we're talking about 1989 standards, but even then, Caesars had the best rooms in town until Mirage topped them.

People flocked to Vegas to see what Steve Wynn had built and the number of large players spiked dramatically; not even two years would pass until their largest suite - a 1600 square foot penthouse - was obsolete. In 1991, Mirage upped the ante by opening the incredible Villas and Lanais.

But before those mini-mansions were built, their top two levels were a whale's den of extraordinary luxury loaded with the same families of baccarat players that now occupy MGM's Mansion or Encore's apartments. Sure, Mirage's top floors are tired and rough around the edges with cracked marble and discolored furnishings, but they're also the only glimpse of a no-expense-spared Roger Thomas suite design aesthetic available to those of us who aren't gambling thousands per hand or willing to pay just as much per night.

Mirage top floors were old, but they were timeless and felt pampering. Proceed with the renovations, but save me a Stark carpet and a pair of hand-woven silk draperies.

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Comments & Discussion:

This is the kind of teaser hotels shouldn't share... Vdara leftovers.

I stayed in a one bedroom tower suite, on the 26th floor last summer for only $135 per night. Yes, the room was showing it's age big time. The tube TV that rose from the foot of the bed was so worn out and colorless you could only watch for a few minutes before getting a headache. But it was clean, relaxing and HUGE. Knowing that this was one of the Premiere suites in town just a few years earlier made the experience even better. Did I mention it was only $135 per night?

and... skysuites design. sigh. will be interesting to see what the setup is like and how big they get.

Totally looks like a Sky Suites redux.

Why didn't they just upgrade Bellagio standard rooms instead? Fuckheads.

what would motivate them to do bellagio? thats a ways off.

will be interesting to see what all theyre doing at mirage though considering $100MM reno at mgm. the latter certainly makes a lot of sense in the context of raising ADR.

Dammit. Another FUCKED UP suite renovation at another great hotel. They already did enough damage with the Bellagio's suites. Wheres the elegance? All it is is another copy of contemporary shit you would find at any other screwed up MGM properties. I agree with the above comments. THE SHOULD HAVE RENOVATED THE BELLAGIO GUEST ROOMS. But then again, they would probably put even more modern designs in the rooms. This is my biggest petpeeve!!

Score another point for "Bland Ultra-Modern™"

Seriously, who's the putz at MGM that decides that everything in their casinos and rooms should be that overdone, unimaginative LA style? As much as Harrah's sucks, at least their locations have personality. MGM properties are turning into one big unidentifiable cluster. I think that's gonna hurt business in the long run.

OK, let me be the voice of dissent here.

While I do LOVE me some Roger Thomas design, let's remember that these suites essentially haven't been renovated since 1989! Come on, these suites were almost as old as I am!

"Sure, Mirage's top floors are tired and rough around the edges with cracked marble and discolored furnishings"

And that's precisely the problem here. The Mirage's suites were getting worn out, so they badly needed some renovation... Or was it intervention? Again, I have great respect for Roger Thomas and his design aesthetic. But since The Mirage has already "gone mod" and the standard rooms actually had better amenities than the suites (like flat panel TVs and iPod dock clocks), I can understand that MGM Mirage needed to do something to bring back the high-rollers.

I will try to reserve judgement until we see the final product, but my initial reaction was disappointment. The Mirage customer base has changed, so I guess it makes sense to "de-content" the suites to better fit the new economic reality. No doubt the redesigned suites will be easier to clean and maintain, a major consideration when the odds are greater it will be inhabited by a pack of douchebags than by a premium player.


"when the odds are greater it will be inhabited by a pack of douchebags than by a premium player. "

Actually, MGM Mirage is likely renovating to bring back more premium players. I'd suspect they've been embarrassed of late for Mirage suite ADRs as cheap as $135 per night. The premium players probably started leaving years ago as Mandalay Bay, MGM Grand, Caesars Palace, Venetian, and Wynn were all offering newer and sleeker high-roller suites while The Mirage was stuck with boob tubes, faded carpets, and dusty curtains. In the last few years The Mirage has been forced to offer their suites at deep discounts to drunken douchebags and cheapo families, so at least with the new suites The Mirage can reclaim some more of its faded glory.

atdleft -

I hope you are right. I have a soft spot for the Mirage, so it kills me to see it dropping to the mid-tier. Douchebags or not, I would still recommend the Mirage over its "peers", e.g., Paris, Luxor, MC, Harrahs or PHo.

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