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Note To Self: Don't Walk Casino With Five Large In Front Pocket of Aloha Shirt

By Chuckmonster on Monday, 10th May 2010 4:22am
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Aloha Shirt

Ain't nothing like walking around the casino in your favorite Aloha shirt with five large hanging out of the chest pocket.

Unless a) that pocket doesn't have a button b) you're at the Ameristar Casino in St. Charles MO c) someone snatch grabs your bankroll from said pocket and runs.

From the St Louis Post-Dispatch:

Police have arrested a woman suspected of swiping a bankroll from a manís shirt pocket last week at the Ameristar Casino.

Trenette Ryland, 34, of the 1300 block of Summergate Parkway in St. Charles County, has been charged with felony stealing.

Police say Ryland yanked $5,366 from a 66-year-old manís pocket while they were standing near a set of elevators one morning last week at the casino.

Shirt pocket? Your Bankroll? $5.3k? Seriously? This guy deserved to have his cabbage pickled.

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Comments & Discussion:

This is why we say that most crimes committed in a casino are "crimes of opportunity."

This is my neck of the woods. The elevators referred to here are located right off of the parking garage, in an area that actually gets little foot traffic. Not any excuse for dangling five large out yer Tommy Bahama though. Guy got what he had coming to him.

Reviewing the Felt Jungle entry on Ameristar St. Charles, just wanted to note that there is a hotel on the premises now after the relatively recent rennovations, and the rooms are of the "all suite" variety. Think Venetian-style, "step down into the the living room" pseudo-suites. Quite nice, though. Just remember to bring a zippered fanny pack for your bankroll!

Well as a victim of this so called woman I am NOT surprised. Back in 2004 she engaged my husband in a "casino affair" where she ended up conning him out of MY hard earned money!! Wish I had seen this article much sooner or I would have made sure I had the opportunity to give the officials my story...can't wait to show him this article!! Karma is a bitch and she wears it well! My marriage seriously took a "hit" because of this woman.

I know this is old, but what they failed to mention is a couple of things. One, the man was handicapped, in a wheelchair, and cannot stand on his own without a walker or assistance. Second, she'd watched the cashier pay him out and followed him. Third, she solicited him and they were in the elevator heading to his room when she swiped another wad of cash for about $120. By the time she realized her mistake, he'd exited the elevator where she gave him that money back, then swiped the $5,600 and ran. Finally Police didn't identify her, a former police officer working security did after she tried to run him down with her car and provided PD with all her information. So, it's not like this guy could just stand up and put it in his wallet or back pocket.

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