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Encore Beach Club Launches Flashy Websites

By Chuckmonster on Thursday, 6th May 2010 5:13am
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The new Strip-side pool at Wynncore, the Encore Beach Club and its nightclub-within-a-beach-club, Surrender, have simultaneously launched two flashy new websites, both chock full of information and stuff.

Being a total graphic design dorque, lets take a gander at these two new logos, shall we?

Encore Beach Club Surrender Logo

Nothing screams Sin City like a night club that uses those two old Christian creationist fable icons - the snake and the apple. All we need now is to open Eve at Aria's counterpart club Adam to hit the Garden of Eden Superfecta. Opening weekend celebrity host? That would be TV's Batman, of course.

The sites? Well... they're built with Adobe Flash, which, if you've been following the tech blogs, you'll know that nearly every company that produces browsers and whatnot has joined up to eliminate this technology from the face of the earth. Why? I'll let Steve Jobs answer that one for you.

My personal complaint with the use of Flash, and the underpinning of the gag that nearly put us out of business, is that it takes a near eternity for this stuff to load. In this realm, EncoreBeachClub.com and SurrenderNightClub.com don't disappoint.

Similar to the XS website that Mike E mentioned in his post An XSively Rich Experience, both the EBC and SNC sites offer cabana and table reservations, respectively but with the caveat:

Table reservations are available for European-style bottle service. (1) bottle is required for every 4 people in a group. Submitting a table reservation request in no way gives you a guaranteed reservation.

For more information, please contact us at 702-555-5555

555-5555? Ha! European style bottle service? Does that mean that your Methuselah-size bottle of Malibu Rum comes with its top off?

Given the name... Surrender, will the blackjack tables inside the clubs offer their players the option of surrendering their 16s vs dealer A, 10, 9 or 15s vs a dealer 10 as per blackjack basic strategy??

The good news is that Memorial Day weekend, the official grand opening of the Encore Beach Club complex is just over three weeks away, upon which all questions will be answered.

Hooray for booze!


Comments & Discussion:

Surrender? Presumably, "Dream Police" was already taken?

26 cabanas
8 duplex with hot tub

i presume they havent released rates yet?

Those sites definitely do not look up to Steve's standards. Total redesign is needed and I hope the actual clubs don't look as cheesy.

I'm guessing there's some confusion in the wording and that the bungalows will not be two stories but only built on two levels, much like Encore's current European pool cabanas. Then again, maybe the two story versions are high roller only and the host I spoke with is denying they exist much like top room accommodations. As for their "private dipping pools," I'm starting to doubt that they're exclusive to each as some of Hunter's overhead shots show two Fairway Villa-sized pools are being built on a different level. I'm guessing that these will be exclusive to the bungalow reservations as "private pools."

Cabanas will seat 10-12 and are a $750 food and beverage minimum for weekdays, $1000 for weekends, and likely much more for holidays.

Bungalows seat 15-20 and are $1500 for weekdays, $2000 for weekends.

Is it just me, or does that sound like a pretty good deal? Just eight friends spending 10am-7pm at the pool lunching at Switch and having some drinks can hit a Bungalow's food and beverage minimum easily.

will be interesting to see

26 + 8 = 34

current bungalows/etc >

private pool
- liquid @ aria (3/6 + 5/10)
- moorea @ mandalay (4)

private jacuzzis
- wet republic @ mgm (6)

(not incl the 2 @ mandalay with no view from pool)

They are charging for entry to this, right?

If cabanas include comped entry, that makes them an even better deal. 10 people at $20 admission = $200, or 1/4 of cabana minimum.

I wish regular Encore cabanas used a F&B minimum rather than a flat charge.

Mwdelta, $30 for women, $40 for men. Penis tax sucks, but it only makes the minimum spend on reserving a table an even better deal.

750 / 12 = 62.5 - 40 - 22.50
1500 / 20 = 75 - 40 = 35


yay for math!

We called for a cabana ressi and for Friday and Saturday 1st floor 1500.00 2nd floor 1000. Sunday is 3500...yikes. General admission is 40.00 per person. Guy told me opening weekend the cabanas will be between 5500.00 - 10,000.

We haven't offically committed yet, but probably will as it is a good deal for a group of 10-12 people.

apparently caesars has an invite-only pool now >

"Bacchus: Reserved for private parties, invited guests and celebrities, two pools comprise this VIP area, which overlooks the entire Garden of the Gods complex. There is also a hot tub and several plush cabanas, offering butler service."


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