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We're Six Years Old!

By Chuckmonster on Wednesday, 5th May 2010 3:19am
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Our Birthday

Six years ago today, a coupla days after the haze lifted from yet another epic Vegas bender - the trip where the concept and name of this website were borne on the back of a Golden Nugget Keno card - we ponied up the $15 and registered the domain name VegasTripping.com.

In the ensuing six years, our a simple quest to fly the flag of truth and honestly in a world of websites dominated by canned quotes direct from casino approved marketing, has exploded beyond any of our expectations. At some point in the next few months we will share our unique brand of travel infotainment to VegasTripping's 10,000,000th unique visitor.

Holy. Fucking. Crap.

As is our annual tradition, we invite our friends old and new to take a little walk through our historical homepage gallery where you can check out some of the goofy stats we've been tracking over the past few years and perhaps learn a thing or two about vintage Vegas (Tripping).

From all of us to all of you, we thank you for visiting, commenting, chit-chatting, tweeting, sharing and being the coolest community anywhere on the internet. Celebrating our birthday is more about y'all Trippers than it is about buying a silly ass domain name.

Raise a glass if you remember the purple and green website OR live in Canada.


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Comments & Discussion:

Congrats and welcome back Chuck! :)

Yay! I can breathe again. It's Cinco de Mayo and Chuck is back from vacation, and what a great way to return. Congratulations and many times six more years of VegasTripping.


Happy B-day... Y Feliz Cinco de Mayo! I'm still a relative newbie here, but I can never get enough of this place. You don't want to know how many times I was digging through the archives while you were gone... :-p

Congrats. I remember the original site.

You've come a long way.

As Wooderson would say, "Alright, alright." Good job and thanks for all of your work.


Yer very mature for a six year old!! Congrats to all the VT team!!!

Congrats and welcome back :)

I know I discovered the site back in the original gold and green colors. I discovered it by way of the Vegas Death Watch site as Nick posted a link there to his interview here. Like a nice single malt Scotch, VegasTripping keeps getting better with age.

Perhaps for the 7th birthday, we all ought to get together in Vegas to celebrate.......

Congratulations. Since I stumbled over here a few months ago I've been reading daily. I love the site.

Congrats! You've done a great job with the site, and as Vespa said, it keeps getting better with age.

Congrats! U all have put 1 of the best websites up! Keep it up and thank you.

Congratulations on your 6TH Birthday!Love your website.Think I will go to Vegas to celebrate your Birthday!Welcome back from vacation.

Congrats! Sometime between June 9-14 we will hoist a drink on Fremont to 6 great years. Chuck you should really be there!


Wow, six years is forever on the Internet. Congratulations! You've built a great website here.

Congrats on by far the best and my personal fav Vegas site ever!

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