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Encore Drops a Deuce and Wynn Starting Baccarat Renovations

By MikeE on Friday, 23rd April 2010 11:09pm
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Literally a day after publishing that Encore would be moving its high limit baccarat salon to where Eastside Lounge currently is, I get word from some very reliable sources that they’ll actually be moving two pits of three blackjack tables in there, creating what is perhaps their version of Aria's Deuce lounge - a high limit-ish, nightclubby-ish casino.

How quickly minds and plans change.

VT readers and contributors JohnH, Blackjacker1979, and Admiral H. have all been on the scene and have attested to seeing the construction there. By the time you read this, the games should already be live.

It's a smart move. Being by far the liveliest area of the resort after XS trickles out, the newest rendition of Eastside should expect some serious drop from club-goers who haven't got a clue as to what basic strategy is. Their attempts to impress their latest flings will be Wynn's gain.

In other news, Wynn will be hosting a major baccarat tournament ending May 10th. After that, expect Wynn's high limit salon to close for renovations. I played a bit there about a month ago and it still felt fresh and new, but as we already know, The Steve won't settle for even the slightest bit of shabbiness.

What's going to happen with the excess demand for the game while the baccarat salon undergoes renovation? We can only dream that they'd un-privatetize the Sky Casino, but the latest speculation (still unconfirmed) is that Blush "boutique" nightclub will be closing and will temporarily house the tables.

I guess when the recent opening of Encore Macau put an end to seven years of non-stop construction for Wynn, the best you can do is tinker with what you've got until breaking ground in Cotai.

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Comments & Discussion:

Generally a lounge with hot dealers means terrible rules(Playboy cluc, Pusscat doll lounge). Does anyone know exceptions?

The rules at Playboy club were good but the minimum was $100 on a Saturday night!

$100 minimum? Why am I suddenly reminded of the 'double down' scene in "Swingers"?

There seems to be quite a bit of the bait and switch going on with Encore and Wynn at the moment. My thought on this is that with the pit moves which have already gone on, and the popularity of the area off the floor near XS post closing time, they really want to keep the party going.

They usually also keep a staff of "model" dealers at Encore for the times when XS's outdoor areas are closed, so this may be a shoot off of that. It will be nice to keep some of the rowdy douchebag play off the tables where regular guests who know how to play are doing their thing.

Time for the Lobby Bar to become the new Eastside Lounge no?

I really only ever sat in it once, but I hope this isn't the end of Eastside. I, for one, would be sad to see it go.

I'm not a drinker, so I realize this is easy for me to say. But Encore was really over the top when it came to bars. I mean seriously you couldn't go 100' without running into a bar. It is almost half the size of Wynn, yet had twice as many bars. And while it was nice, I'm sure they can find a better and much more profitable use for this space. I wouldn't be opposed to some live music at Encore though, something both Wynn and Encore could uses, especially compared to Bellagio, which has up to 3 separate ones, each night.

Live music is cool, but it does mess with Wynn's carefully cultivated atmosphere. It's one of the things that annoys me about Palazzo - that third of the casino that's blasted by hip hop, rock, or whatever thing that they're playing in that area. And I like loud music (I used to work at Abercrombie!) but it just doesn't fit with the atmosphere.

mwdelta, some terrible band a la Fontana Lounge at Bellagio? Yeah, that would suck for Wynn, but back in the days when people still raised an eye-brow in confusion when you told them you just came back from a stay at Wynn, the original B Bar featured live music that fit the Wynn vibe perfectly. It was an incredible space. Hopefully they'll realize there's a market for that, because the first B Bar unfairly got the shaft only weeks after opening.

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