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Stratosphere Opens SkyJump

By Chuckmonster on Wednesday, 21st April 2010 2:08pm
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Stratosphere has added a new "ride" to their cache of barftastic tower top entertainment, an 855 foot free fall called SkyJump.

No, it isn't a bunji jump, but instead a face first, foot free, repel from the top of the tower to a blue and white target below. Jumpers are strapped into place using a harness and lowered down quickly via metal cable.

Here's a video:

SkyJump is open from noon until 7pm every day. Jumps cost $99 each.

Ain't no fucking way I'm getting on this. Just going up to the top of the tower is enough to give me serious vertigo.

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Comments & Discussion:

I'm wondering how "controlled" this thrill ride really is for the serious thrill seeker? Maybe it's a little weak.....
I need some feedback people! hee Let me know folks.

The fact that it isnt a bungee cord makes me less scared to try something this insane but if i was with a group of friends and they paid then i would probably do this. I would hope that one of the regulations before doing the deed is that you have to be completely sober or that guy on the roof is going to quit after the first day.

YES! September cant get here quick enough. WrongWay Stacey and myself cannot wait!!! We have been hoping for a bungee off the Strat for years, but a rope descent will do.

Four words for you: NO WAY IN HELL! I typically do not have a fear of heights, but I do not like thrills that I do not have much control over. In my younger days I went rappelling and rock climbing several times and only freaked out twice (Not seeing where you're going can be unnerving, especially when you're rappelling at night with only a couple of glow sticks marking the path down [Never mind that earlier in the day you had been down the same rocks nearly a dozen times.]). I rode the Big Shot six years ago, but never plan on riding it again. I have never gone skydiving and never plan to do so (I don't believe in jumping out of a perfectly good airplane.). I would go bungee jumping if the opportunity presented itself.

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