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Cirque Joins the Michael Jackson Gold Rush

By Chuckmonster on Tuesday, 20th April 2010 4:11pm
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Cirque Du Soleil Michael Jackson Show Logo

In June 2009, entertainer Michael Jackson died of "acute propofol intoxication" ending a life of extreme talent coupled with extreme loneliness and abuse at the hands of handlers, promotors and the celebrity press.

Faster than you can say "them crooked vultures" an entourage of posthumous business pairings, driven by a flotilla of estate executors, accountants, lawyers and concerned family members, are picking every last bit of meat off MJ's bones with the precision of Marabunta ants.

Alas, in an announcement that shocked nobody, Cirque du Soleil confirmed today that it was joining the column of flesh pickers in the form of a touring show based on the music of Michael Jackson which will end up at an MGM Mirage* (* more on this later) casino, presumably Monte Carlo, Excalibur, Mandalay Bay or maybe even Luxor - just in time for armageddon in 2012.

But where were was Las Vegas entertainment honchos two years ago when THE REAL Michael Jackson was pounding the boards in Las Vegas looking for the opportunity to mount a residency?


The words of the ants are nearly as hollow as Michaels rotting corpse:

John Branca, Co-Executor for The Estate of Michael Jackson commented: "This will not just be a tribute to Michael's musical genius, but a live entertainment experience that uses the most advanced technology to push every creative boundary as Michael always did. Having attended Cirque du Soleil performances with Michael, I know he was a huge fan. We are excited to be partners with Cirque du Soleil to give Michael's fans a truly unique way to hear, see and feel Michael's music.
John McClain, Co-Executor for The Estate of Michael Jackson commented: "There will never be a multi-faceted entrepreneur, humanitarian and innovator like Michael and it is only befitting that this partnership be with Cirque du Soleil. No artist electrified the stage more than Michael did. We expect that his fans will come away from these Cirque du Soleil performances feeling the exhilaration of a Michael Jackson experience and with an even greater appreciation of his legacy.
Guy Laliberte, Founder of Cirque du Soleil commented: "Michael Jackson is the King of Pop and an all-time phenomenal artist, both timeless and contemporary. As a creative challenge, this project is the ultimate. Through the use of cutting edge technology, we will produce a Cirque du Soleil experience not only worthy of Michael but unlike any other we have created before. We are also so pleased that our longtime partner MGM MIRAGE has once again joined us in presenting another unique creative experience in Las Vegas.
Daniel Lamarre, President and CEO of Cirque du Soleil added: "We are honored and thrilled to be in partnership with the ultimate and most important record selling artist of all time. This association between two international entertainment brands promises to deliver to fans of both Michael and Cirque du Soleil unique artistic experiences.
Bill Hornbuckle, Chief Marketing Officer of MGM MIRAGE said "Las Vegas is known worldwide for its unparalleled entertainment offerings, many of which have been developed by the creative geniuses at Cirque du Soleil. We have been honored to call Cirque our partner for many years and are humbled now by the opportunity to work with them to create a show that will commemorate one of the most legendary forces in entertainment in our lifetime."

More gory details can be found in the official press release.


Comments & Discussion:

Cirque has turned into the kudzu of Vegas entertainment. Is any theatre safe?

if you bring a kid, do you get in for half price?
(rimshot goes here)

Typical first time Vegas tourist:
"Oh honey, after we're done winning on 6:5 blackjack we can go see one of those cool Circus Souffle shows everyone loves. And now there's one all about that child molester we used to make fun of but now love because everyone else seems to like him cause he's dead!"

and don't forget the noob tourist - "the numbers 6 and 5 are bigger than 3 and 2, so that means 6:5 has GOT to be better!"

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