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George Who?

By BlackHillsBoozeHound on Thursday, 15th April 2010 3:48pm
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Whether you're a follower of Stiffs & Georges, or you're just hip on your casino parlance, you're familiar with the term "george" as describing one who tips well, perhaps even overly-so (antonym: tom, which I understand even less, as my father's name is Tom, and he's an excellent tipper). But this makes a person wonder, especially one with as much time on his hands as do I and a mind that won't shut up: from whence came this nickname?

George comes from humble origins, being Greek for farmer. Patron saint of England, Saint George, slew the devil in dragon's form, which makes it all the more unusual that the term would end up as Sin City slang. There are georges all throughout our vernacular, most with positive connotations, Costanzas and Bushes aside. It can be used to describe the man of a girl's dreams, a dude with an enormous penis, or a dolla dolla bill, y'all. At the turn of the last century, George was a catch-all name akin to "Mac" or "Bud" for the porter of a train's sleeping car. It was both a computer and an operating system in the Fifties. Even in the gambling world, it can also be used to refer to a good poker game (as is "tom" is again recycled to describe a bad one).

When applied strictly to gratuities, however, there are even varying levels of georgedom - the double george and the triple george (inspiration for the Triple George Grill, about a block or so off Fremont Street). Those who are especially loose with their tips may even be elevated to the lofty level of the king george or the supergeorge.

So who's the George that was the first good tipper? While no specific surname has been associated with being the ultimate casino workers' friend, the most widely-held speculation is that it all comes back to Mr. Washington, posthumously. That dolla dolla bill, y'all. A dealer leaving the table would slip the term into conversation with a co-worker taking over the table to ensure that the oncoming card-slinger treated the high-tipping gambler right, in much the same way early sports photographers would slip the code word "beaver" into conversation with a peer when, in assuming his original post under the bleachers, he would espy one of Sharon Stone's forerunners.

The next time you're sitting at the blackjack table, do the right thing and bet a couple bucks for the dealer. And tell him George sent ya.

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If there is one thing Boozehouse has taught me to do, it's how to tip. Even more so-how to tip while intoxicated. Even when he's not there, I can always here him saying after I have had several drinks "Rich-have you tipped you dealer". This man is the King of Georges. During our last trip, we discovered the great Rye1 whiskey and his generous tip to the bartender provided us with doubles instead of singles. Long live King Boozehouse!

Ha - thanks Rich! Glad to hear it stuck!

Living in the woods, I don't get many opportunities to toss around the greenbacks - the deer ignore them, and the squirrels just spend the money on crack.

Great background, tipping is severely underrated for making the Vegas experience go. It doesn't have to be outlandish, but it shouldn't be cheap either. It doesn't hurt that I'm recognized by the same workers on repeat trips now, and service goes through the roof, amazing the little things they can do to take care of you in situations for a little regular tipping.

I can attest the large penis thing is true.

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