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One Sick Vegas Trip

By BlackHillsBoozeHound on Wednesday, 14th April 2010 4:33pm
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Our annual December trip - nestled between departure of the National Finals Rodeo'ers and the arrival of the Christmas crowds - we stage a get-together of friends and family. Rates are the among the cheapest of the year, presuming you don't just get your room for free outright, and while some of the restaurants are closed for renovations and whatnot over this slow period, most of our crew are not what you would ever describe as "svelte," and as such, you can be assured that finding food has never been a challenge. Some shows are dark for the holidays as well, but these aren't big on our priority list anyway: performances force you to be somewhere on a schedule, whereas carousing does not.

December '09, however, deviated from the norm, at least on my end. On my first full day there, I was stricken with some manner of alien stomach parasite that kept me from two of my favorite activities: boozing and overeating. At first, I was bummed about this. But as this year we had taken advantage of a free room offer at Mirage, I started to embrace being for the most part confined to (luxurious mini-suite) quarters. The bed was comfy. The bathtub rocked. And while I've always been a fan of the concept of room service, it is so often executed poorly; however, not so at Mirage. I discovered that of the items I deemed safe enough to risk - clam chowder, berry breakfast cup, and the like - started out somewhere on the level of "outstanding," and just continued to get better from there. I lay around and watched a couple of movies; I had anxiously been awaiting the release of Patton Oswalt's "Big Fan," and was delighted to be able to catch it from the luxury of bed instead of in a theater full of movie-talkers that I always run the risk of assaulting.

While I'm typically running in 4th gear, always having to be on the move or engaged in some task, after a while I began to embrace the opportunity that deity, deities, fate, or just plain shitty luck had granted me to slow down. I stopped focusing on the fun I was missing, and shifted instead to the fun I was having. I adopted a new attitude: it's better to be sick in Vegas than well at work.

On one of my adventures out of the room, I had the pleasure of becoming acquainted with Hunter, Motoman, and our very own Chuckmonster during a meet-n-greet at Aria. Whereas my drinking copious amounts of whiskey an essentially empty stomach and in an already-weakened condition met with disastrous results, the fun of getting together with everyone took a lot of the sting out of it. And hey, I didn't actually break the glass wall at View bar, I really just kinda, you know, rocked it a little.

The next time you're staying in Sin City, skip the racing around and take the opportunity to slow down and just spend a day relaxing. And when room service arrives with your meal, tell 'em Boozehouse restrained ya.

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Based on hangover cycles, I plan down days into my Vegas trips. Typically, I go to the spa, order room service, and catch up on movies I missed. Sometimes I even make it out of the room for an hour or so. Although make sure to put the do not disturb sign on the door. There is nothing worse than not being able to get back into your room when you really need to lie down.

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