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Cosmo Close-Up: You Now Have Our Attention

By JohnH on Sunday, 11th April 2010 4:08pm
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There are those tipsters who can reliably feed a Las Vegas-centric website about one or two wonderful tips every few months and then there are those uber tipsters who scour the most obscure corners of the internet and find the best of the best Vegas finds. As most of you Trippers already know, mac78130 is most certainly the latter. And today he did not disappoint.

Remember how he found those Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas interior renderings the other day? Well, take a look at this chikidom de bom bom chikichiki d'bom bom d'bom bom video. We'll wait.

Cosmo Vide Preview

Holy fucking shit fuck, right? I think what we have here is a clear-cut case of the ugly girl that everyone made fun of finally coming back from Summer Camp.

This place looks like it could be amazing.

From the casino that's Aria-meets-purple themed bordello, the super funky three-story nightclub with wood dacing pods, or the breathtaking beach club, The Cosmopolitan looks like it's going to be cool right down to the bone.

Now, the rooms are a bit too W-meets-Hard Rock for our tastes, but everything else looks to be right on the money, and we cannot wait. From this moment on, consider VT officially excited about The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas.

Asi me gusta a mi, indeed.

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Comments & Discussion:

I mentioned this in discussion with mac78130, but I was distracted by the reference to "Alladin" really early on.

Really nice piece of marketing, the design work looks very unique. Cosmo needed to do something really different to make it and it looks like they might have pulled it off. Can't wait to see it!

Nice find. I hope it turns out as envisioned. I think there are probably going to be a lot of changes from when this was made. This type of energy is what Aria should have been.

Maybe I'm just skeptical because this video began with a big shot of boobs (wut) and then the "Alladin", but this looks like it could have been made years ago for the Ian Bruce Eichner era Cosmopolitan, which according to A Source Who Claimed To Know Everything on Hunter's blog years ago, was going to bowl us all over.

I'm not sure whether Deutsche Bank really plans to build all of this, but since we gave them our money through AIG I would appreciate if we could have one of the nightclubs named "Bailout."

Min, I would be inclined to agree with you that the video was designed for the Eichner-era Cosmo, but an R-J article dating from around the time DB took control of the property made references to the fact that the Eichner designs favored a rock-and-roll environ, replete with leopard-print chairs, etc. If that's to be believed, then the previously leaked images would be more closely linked to the original designs. That would still mean that this video--hopefully--provides us with the most recent designs.

Additionally, the inclusion of the multi-story, Strip-side nightclub that has been referenced in recent articles and press releases in this video would indicate that this is probably our best current guess as to what this place is going to look like come December.

Leopard print chairs?? Hell yeah!
Vegas needs a place with personality. I'd stay at a hotel featuring "Peggy Bundy chic" over "Heidi Montag modern" anyday!

That whole site is a treasure trove of awesomeness.

"Vegas needs a place with personality. I'd stay at a hotel featuring "Peggy Bundy chic" over "Heidi Montag modern" anyday!"

I'll drink to that! You nailed it, Robbie. And I must say, "Heidi Montag modern" is quite the delicious slapdown. I think you've captured the true essence of City Center in three words.

I love their usage of the pink and silver in the main casino bar. I love bright pink. Planet Hollywood just lost my taste for them. This place is going to blow that out of the water. I liked pHo's casino the best for a long long time, as of right now, they're out the window. I'm staying at this place on my next trip out there hands down. When does it open?

The video is now gone.. :(

looks interesting and cannot wait until the place opens

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