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Hey Caesars Palace, Where's yer 'postrophe?

By BlackHillsBoozeHound on Thursday, 8th April 2010 5:56pm
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Caesars Apostrophe

I recently submitted an article for an award-winning Vegas website, and made the misstep of referring to that place attached to the Forum Shops with the possessive Caesar's instead of the plural Caesars. He wasn't a dick about it (I mean, he could simply have said "never do it" instead of "never ever ever ever do it," however, he has a point: I should know better). But it got me thinking, which is never a good sign - why not Caesar's? Turns out I'm not alone in this: people in Vegas-related message forums fall victim to this pitfall this nearly as much as they misuse the forms of your/you're/yourn/yer. Even Jeopardy writers made this mistake a couple of years ago in a Daily Double question. And they're supposed to be the smart game show.

Flashback to the Sixties (I know, how cliché), entrepreneur Jay Sarno was having a hell of a time coming up with a specific theme for the opulent resort he was planning. He wanted to go with something that brought to mind nobility. Why not model it after Julius Caesar? He seemed to have it pretty good, right up until he was betrayed by his best friend and stabbed repeatedly to death. But Sarno didn't just want the folks to feel like they were visiting someone else's palace, he wanted all of his visitors to feel like Caesars (except for that whole betrayal/stabbing thing) in their own right. And hey, the staff can always benefit from a bit of noblesse oblige, right? The fountains and Roman decor went in, and the rest, as they say, is history. Today they still stand with the proud distinction of serving the worst bloody mary in all of Sin City.

Why not Caesars' Palace, you ask? For that one, you're going to have to go onsite and ask around. And when you do, tell 'em Boozehouse sent ya.

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Comments & Discussion:

Isn't the mantra that everyone is a Caesar here, not just Caesar himself, Caesar Salad, or Caesar Romero?

Something tells me Caesar wouldn't wind up at Pure though.

"Something tells me Caesar wouldn't wind up at Pure though."

No, he'd wind up in his Augustus Tower suite AFTER partying at Pure... And I bet Caesar wouldn't be there alone. ;-)

The crux of the biscuit, is the apostrophe.

This has been mentioned in at least 2 travel Channel documentaries. Very trite.

Yes it has, but people still write Caesar's everywhere.

I think the reasoning of there being no apostrophe has to do with that it's not so much an issue of possessive ownership, but more of a sense of self being. For example, you wouldn't use the term "Mandalay's Bay". And I guess the term "Caesar Palace" would just sound weird.

But then again, grammar and English ain't really is mine forte. ;)

It will always be Seizures Palace to me.

If I went into PURE, can I get permission to stab people?

I have a theory that the apostrophe is missing for economic reasons. Little Caesars pizza is the same way. If sign makers, T-shirt makers exc. charge by the letter/symbol, then, leaving out the apostrophe could be very economical. Cheap bastards.

It's because it's not the REAL Caesar's Palace. Caesar never lived there.

/drinks roofied Jaegar
/pulls out tooth

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