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Tropwatch: New Chips, Chairs and Carpeting!

By Chuckmonster on Thursday, 8th April 2010 2:58am
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"We're changing everything." Three simple words that define the past, present and future trajectory of The Tropicana. It's oddly refreshing to see a casino resort make admission that it had lost its way and a thorough shake out was underway. No, we weren't warned to mind our involuntary pulmonary processes, nor are we presented with any expectation setting hyperbole, just a simple statement that the Tropicana as you knew it is gone and you can expect the current state to be in transit.

The old dank dirty carpeting? Gone. The casino chips crusted over with dead skin? Gone. The klanky, stanky table game and slot machine chairs filled with more farts than the Ex-Lax test lab waiting room? They're gone too.

New Trop Chips

The new chips, coming to a table near you this Friday. I can't for the life of me figure out the reasoning behind having a $4 chip.

New Trop Chairs

The new table game chairs have arrived.

New Trop Carpeting

The new carpeting is slowly taking over the entire casino floor.

The Tropicana has been used and abused for a near eternity, seeing her given the proper love and attention she deserves definitely warms the heart of this jaded, crankypants casino skeptic. Between the redesigned casino, new restaurants, and newly redesigned hotel rooms starting to come online over the next few weeks, the sun is beginning to shine inside the Trop again. Amen.



Comments & Discussion:

I walked through the Trop last week, and I was pretty happy with the direction they're going. The work they've done on the bridge across the pool area to the Paradise tower really showed off the change. A year ago that was a dark hallway with faded carpet and mobbed with carnies hawking their shit every few feet. Now it's clean and bright, with some really plush feeling carpet. Not Bellagio plush, but a huge improvement over the forty year old high-traffic stuff that was there. The overall feel reminds me of the Flamingo. Clean white walls and bright tropical looking carpeting.

A guy at the info booth told me that the renovations were scheduled to be done in November. I'm looking forward to checking out the place once it's done. Hopefully they have a few bucks in the budget to fix up the facade. Dunno what the majority opinion on the port cochere is, but I've always thought it looked pretty low-rent.

What are $4 chips used for. For some reason, I have a burning desire to have one.

I thought the same thing about the $4.00 chips as well. I want one . I'd like to have some of the old Trop chips as well.

Glad to see this old lady get a facelift.

$4 chips are probably to pay off 6-5 blackjack. I don't like it, but a brilliant move.

If you bet $10 and get a blackjack, you get paid $12 -- four $4 chips. You get three chips for every two on the table. Makes you feel like the old days. Makes your brain think "3 to 2" even though you are getting screwed. Makes novices that heard 3-2 blackjack is good actually think they are playing/getting 3-2.

And... if you are losing and getting low on chips and all you have is the $4 chips, you can't just bet one (think $5 limit table) or two (think $10 limit). So... you MUST bet $8 or $12. Casino has a better shot at more money. Maybe only a few bucks here and there to the player, but adds up when multiplied by a years worth of players. (Ya, ya... you can color them up. But most people don't think about coloring chips during a game).

I wouldn't be surprised to see the trend spread.

I believe the $4 chips are for the poker rake and will not usually be given out to the players.

The $4 chips will be used in the poker room due to open up at the end of the year. They use them for the drop. The old poker room also had $4 chips towards the end. The $4 chips will not be used anywhere else in the casino.

When are they going to bust out chips with change on them
$1.75 chips. $1.25 chips. $3.42 cent chips

$4 chips are used for 4-8 poker as well as for the rake drop. The trop doesn't seem like a 4-8 kind of joint to me though. More of a 2-4 or 3-6 kind of place. Either way, I have to say I am very happy this property is getting dressed up instead of blown up.

I'm stoked about the changes coming to the Trop. It's never been high on my visit list because the couple of times I've been there, there's been a funky smell in the casino and it felt kinda creepy, like a nursing home casino. Some freshening up is long overdue.

While a definite step in the right direction, I fear they don't have the budget to really raise the quality of the place. They will no longer compete with Circus and IP, but now with Excalibur and Harrah's.


"While a definite step in the right direction, I fear they don't have the budget to really raise the quality of the place."

Good point. Honestly, they don't have a chance to dethrone Encore and Mandarin... But I checked their room rates and they're about the same as Luxor's. And judging by the pics released so far of The Trop's new rooms, they might actually be better (don't some Luxor rooms still have "boob tubes"?). At the very least, The Trop should be able to rise from the bottom of the barrel (Circus Circus, Imperial Palace, & Sahara) and compete with mid-range hotels like Luxor & NYNY.

The Trop might become the top of the bottom,-but it will be a BRIEF reign, I tell you.
Let us not forget the plans that are in place for the Sahara!!

To answer questions...
@Travelbond, yes we are transforming the facade. Updates to that begin later this month. When we say, "We're Changing Everything," it's a very literal statement - from the exterior/building, to new ownership, new management, new team culture and new service standards, we are working and continue to deliver on the promise to change everything!
- Yes, that is correct. The $4 chips are used for the Poker rake only.
- Yes, we are transforming ourselves into a 4-star property with 5-star service.

Hmmm this means that when I head back to Vegas in the fall it will be worth going into the Tropicana again. The last time I was there the place was looking pretty sad.

They have a pretty rockin' pool if I recall, so if they can leverage that with the 20s-30s crowd along with a fresh new look & feel all around, they could easily be the Flamingo of the South Strip. I wish them well!

I just hope they keep the live music in the Celebration lounge. It has always been a favourite spot to hit for a cocktail and some great local bands.

I have some of the best memories of my life at the Tropicana. I passed out drunk playing a nickelslot machine on my 21st birthday there.
Every year I've gone to Vegas, the same bartender with the rose tinted glasses and porn star musctache has worked at the Celebration Lounge.
I've never stayed at the Trop, but looking at this, I may in the near future

The live band in the lounge kept me in the Trop one night and I left behind a bundle. Keep live music! Also, it has a classic coffee shop with good food, I hope they keep that.

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