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Lance Burton Quits

By Chuckmonster on Tuesday, 6th April 2010 5:10am
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Despite having the best slot floor within reasonable walking distance of the City Center (including Aria) business wise, all isn't well in Monte Carlo-ville. Barely months after happily signing Lance Burton, Master Magician to a lengthy contract, Mr. Lance has decided to step down from his show instead of withstand MGM Mirage authorized budget cuts.

Three trained pigeons instead of seven? Fuggetaboutit. Five Lance Burton Dancers instead of eight? No way. Cut down on the stage scenery in favor of something stripped down and raw? Nuh-uh. Work the stage with a decent light show instead of a "kicks ass, even when compared to Rush, light show?" Take off!

And faster than you can say "Abracadabra Alakazam!" both sides shot off happy cuddly press releases and Lance started packing his fake knives and giant playing cards.

The real reason why MGM played chicken with Lance until he decided to quit? Here's a coupla theories:

Lance is Gone

1) Lance was costing MGM Mirage upwards of $20,000/week on vanity photoshopping. You wouldn't know it from the new douchetacular adverts that came with the contract renewal, but Lance Burton is closer in age to Wayne Newton than he is to Criss Angel. We've included the above as a parting gift to both sides, gratis, for nuthin.

2a) Nobody gives a shit about magic shows anymore.

2b) Unless the magicians aren't trying to be "magicians."

3) One less showroom act equals one more space to put in a Cirque du Soleil show, which are known for not costing that much money to put on. :P

4) Shimshi!



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let the bullshit begin.

And once again Chuck is a day late and dollar short on posting the news. This was on The Board on Monday.

and as expected you posted an supremely idiotic comment.

FINALLY a journalist brave enough to expose the Photoshop abuse being perpetrated by this man! enough! Of course he's only part of larger Vegas underground movement, which includes other ageless wonders Manilow, Newton and Copperfield...stop the madness!

I saw him when he was still at the Hacienda. I really enjoyed the show, especially the close up magic that he did at the beginning. And you can count me as one of the oddballs that still likes magic.

I love the billboards though. LB is more airbrushed than an 80s nail salon painting.

Those images creep me out, as the eyes follow you as you move around the room......

I think he'll more than likely end up somewhere else in Vegas. The Trop or the Hilton are the more likely choices, but here's a thought, Paris. Barry Manilow performs Friday-Sunday, so there are four nights a week where the venue is dark.

Maybe he refused to pay Monte Carlo's resort fee.

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