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Shimshi, The Resident Magician at Wynn

By MikeE on Monday, 5th April 2010 11:45am
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After seven dinners at Wynn's Okada, I can say with certainty that it is one of my all-time favorite restaurants in Vegas. The setting, the food, and the reasonable prices have me coming back again and again. Even so, after so many visits, the novelty of authentic Japanese lanterns and koi ponds can wear off. Fortunately, to my surprise, I was met by Wynn's new resident magician about halfway through my dinner.

Yes, Wynn has a resident magician by the name of Shimshi who they revealed in their last newsletter. At once charming and novel and yet having the potential of being completely out-of-place and a distraction to an excellent dinner, I wasn't so sure on the idea. When Shimshi approached my table, all worries faded. He's not in the least intrusive and presents himself with as much elegance as the rest of the resort you'll be spared of Siegfried and Roy-esque costumes, David Blainey illusionist faces, and "Uh-I'm-not-with-this-guy" Criss Angel douchebaggery.

For his first trick, he presented me with five $1 bills, which he allowed me to touch and make sure they're real. He slapped them on his hand and they instantly turned into hundreds. At that very moment, I was ready to give him every single bill in my pocket and split the profits 50-50. He then proceeded to take my credit card and twirl it in mid air running his hands above and below to disprove any belief that there might literally be strings attached. Truly incredible.

For my favorite trick, he asked that I take out a dollar bill and had me sign the back. He placed his thumb on the stamp to the right of George Washington's face and began moving it until I told him to stop. Right before my eyes, he moved the stamp to the left side of the bill leaving me with an awesome souvenir for the night. When I shared it with dealers and others at the baccarat tables, they were left with an expression just as amazed as mine earlier in the evening.

Shimshi is a welcome addition to Wynncore. Keep your eyes peeled for him the next time you hit one of their eateries.



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When we were at SW for Spyder and Tina's wedding dinner Shimshi entertained our tables for quite a while, not obtrusive at all and an excellent magician. It was a nice addition to the evening.

When this guy is all done with his little show, do you tip him?

We tipped him but he didn't ask for a tip at all

jsmeeker, as Donny already mentioned, yes you should. He was extremely modest about accepting them, but more than deserving.

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