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Touring The Villas at The Mirage

By Chuckmonster on Friday, 2nd April 2010 1:27pm
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Mirage Villas

They were perhaps the first of a new generation of ultra high roller suites. You won't find wallpaper or paint anywhere on their walls, but only the finest of richly upholstered hand-woven silk. The statue on the table of the entry foyer? It belongs in a museum, not a hotel room. And if it weren't for a view of Caesars to the south, you'd never guess you were in Vegas when taking a dip in the back yard's pool.

The first example of no-expenses-spared, built-from-scratch Roger Thomas virtuosity, the Villas and Lanais at Mirage only began being advertised to the general public six months ago. While debating the possibility of booking one over the summer, I had the pleasure of touring the rooms very recently.

What I was expecting was a simple tour with a hotel manager. What I received, however, was an experience not unlike what you'd expect if you were staying in one. Escorted by the front desk and concierge managers, I arrived at the private back door to be greeted by a butler. They first took me through the Lanai corridor, a space that has been thoroughly renovated in the typical MGM Mirage style (think Mirage's basic guest room corridors), before entering a 2,485 square foot, two-bedroom Lanai.

I've seen a few pictures of them scattered around and speaking from a repertoire of rather nice suites under my belt, the images left me yearning. Pinks, pastels, and floral everything scream 1970s tacky, and yet, somehow work so beautifully in person. The suite isn't dramatic in the least despite all the light that floods in from an entire wall of floor-to-ceiling windows; it somehow manages to be quaint and cozy in what is otherwise a very open and symmetrical floor plan. There are a couple steps down into the living room which lower the furnishings and accentuate the giant hot tub that is the centerpiece of the back yard. These rooms have received some refreshment in furniture, but are overall unchanged since when they were first introduced in 1991. Just promise not to open the butler's pantry unless you want a flash from Montgomery Ward past.

Leaving the Lanai and walking further down the hallway, we reached a wall and the dwcor changed dramatically. The moldings, art, tile work, and high ceilings make the space overwhelmingly palatial. In front is a concierge desk at your service 24 hours per day. To the right is the entrance via private port cochere - think of a miniature version of Encore's Tower Suites arrival. On the other end is a small pathway into Mirage's pool with Bare and the Secret Garden a stone's throw away.

Walk past and you enter the Villa corridor - a seemingly endless hallway more opulent than the Vatican. We entered a two-bedroom unit which continues the decor of the hallways. They are dark, palatial, exceedingly masculine, but surprisingly, intimate enough to actually feel a little cramped despite their 3,405 square feet. The yard, however, is seriously large enough to play a game of two-hand touch. Incredibly, I was told that the Villas have not been renovated since opening and from what I saw, they don't need to be either. They've been impeccably maintained and frankly, any changes MGM Mirage does to them would be a shame - antique for antique, drapery for drapery, and carpet for carpet, they are the single most lavish and detailed hotel accommodations I have ever seen.

So are the Villas and Lanais worth the $2000-$5500 cost per night? In short, no, but while other suite prices around town tend to fluctuate greatly, these remain consistent whether they have just one room or the entire corridor available. And yes, I was told that they usually run very low occupancy, even during busy times. This makes them more attractive than a comparable Skyloft or Hotel32 suite during the weekends. Additionally, meetings and gatherings are not discouraged and they even provide smaller "entourage" rooms on the same floor for a surprisingly reasonable $125 per night .

Wedding in the yard by the pool? Cocktail reception for your clients during CES? For the money, I can't think of better suites to have them in.



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So still no photos? :-p

^^^What am I, a tourist?! :-)

No, getting the tour was already hard enough. Definitely wasn't going to start snapping photos.

I know, I know... I guess I'll just have to figure out a way to sneak in next time I'm visiting The Mirage. :-p

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