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A Cirque Du Soleil Idea Generator

By BlackHillsBoozeHound on Friday, 2nd April 2010 1:02pm
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We can all breathe a sigh of relief that Cirque du Soleil's Viva Elvis opened to, if not stellar reviews, definitely better than Criss Angel's BeLIEve. The complaint floating to the top of Viva Elvis recounts is that there just isn't enough of the King's life portrayed on stage. But really, how do you capture a kung-fu, hip-swingin', TV-shootin', pill-poppin', fried-peanut-butter-and-banana-sandwich-eatin' hunka hunka burnin' love like Mr. Presley in under two hours in a musical format with only the benefit of contortionist acrobatics, greasepaint, and world-class choreography?

There's no denying that Elvis was larger-than-life. Elvis was larger than whatever larger-than-life is. And I think that's the problem. Shining a Luxor-strength spotlight on a single individual is a recipe for dissatisfaction. Widen that beam a bit, and you're solid. I have a few recommendations:

Who's Your Daddy brings the music of The Who to stage, let's say at Monte Carlo (we should give them the nod before they get desperate for attention and light their roof on fire again). It's a wild ride of furniture raining from hotel-room mockups, pinball wizardry, and an homage to the fallen Cincinnati concert patrons using the marching rain boots from LOVE, all culminating in a grand finale wherein the instruments self-destruct.

Check out Long Live the Queen, the first Cirque show on Fremont Street (I'll let you guess where), and head-bang along with the entire audience as Scaramouche actually does do the Fandango. And the Killer Queen? Topless.

Metallica's exhaustive catalog of hits and vivid lyrics lends itself well to the Cirque performance And Justice for Puppets. With a metal theme and more disturbing images than a trip to Wal Mart, there won't be a lot of patrons over fifty, but the soundtrack is guaranteed to be one of the most illegally-downloaded releases of all time. I'm not sure why Mandalay Bay leaps to mind as my first choice of venue, though I suspect it's the sharks.

Led Zeppelin's music was practically written as the backdrop for a Cirque performance. Not really, it was written for stoners, but really, where does one draw that particular distinction? Be sure not to miss the epic faux battle between hobbits ramblin' on and immigrant Viking kittens. Luxor could easily put Criss Angel to death (quietly and without fanfare, one hopes) and retain the existing performers for the Inclinator to Heaven show.

Cirque is Strange. From the amazing pyrotechnics in Light My Fire to the cast of a thousand partially-toothed hillbillies on The Alabama Song, this one is guaranteed to be a winner. To allow for live horses in the Riders of the Storm set, South Point seems the logical choice with its attached equestrian arena.

KISS - wait, never mind, they already did it themselves.

If anyone out there has contacts with the Cirque folks, give them a call. And tell 'em Boozehouse sent ya.



Comments & Discussion:

"Theater of Girls, Girls, Girls" would have to be at Sapphires, or The Rhino, featuring all the hairspray, spandex and strippers you can possibly imagine. Throw in on Douche Canoe (lead singer) on well hung, if not slightly retarded guy (drummer/comedy relief) and two guys that can actually preform, write music, and speak (sorta) and there you have the greatest band ever in French Canadian form!!!

Cirque du Sowayne starring Wayne Newton at The Tropicana.

Cirque du Soleil Powerslave. Starring Eddie the Head and Bruce Dickinson.
Cirque du Floyd. Kind of writes itself. The imagery from The Wall comes to life.
What a long strange Cirque it's been. Starring Jerry Garcia a'la weekend at Bernies and a bunch of hippies in a VW microbus.
Soleil and Cher. A spin off of the old Sonny and Cher variety show!

Sorry forgot hotels
The Iron Maiden Powerslave would of course be at Luxor
Pink Floyd at the Flamingo
The Grateful Dead at Treasure Island, fits right in with the other random pieces that Ruffin is putting in there.
Sonny and Cher at Caesars I guess

Soleil & Cher wouldn't be complete without Chaz.

"Holiday In the Sun" a retrospective of the Sex Pistols at the Gold Spike. Includes the stabbing of a young dancer and 10 minutes where the stage is simply pretty vacant. Ends with the crowd being egged on to travel to the Mirage and burn LOVE to the ground.

"The Love Cat" a retrospective of the music of the Cure. Venue would be Excalibur, as nothing screams "goth" like a medieval castle. The finale of the show is a reenactment of the battle scene for the South Park episode "Mecha-Streisand".

"Strangeways Here We Come", the music of the Smiths and Morrissey. Venue would be the Greek Isles because there it is the most depressing casino. November will truly spawn a monster......hit.

"Pogue Mahone", a celebration of The Pogues. Think "Riverdance" and "Lord Of The Dance", only drunker and with better music. Venue: O'Sheas. The performers would enter the stage through a replica of Shane MacGowan's mouth, bad teeth and all....

"24 Hour Party People", a celebration of the Madchester scene. Think "Love" but through the eyes of someone doing massive amounts of ecstasy. Glow sticks, whistles, and pacifiers are handed out at the door. Venue: Circus Circus, as ecstasy is one of the few drugs that makes the place better...

The bleary-eyed of shot Mr. MacGowan holding a drink, with his hair all fucked up and highlighting said rotten teeth (I know, that doesn't narrow it down much), remains one of my favorite all-time photos, and I like to send it to people when they ask how I'm doing. On Rain Street.

Cirque Du Soleil Moon Frye? You know - a Punky Brewster theme!

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