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The Silk Road Turns Right Into Vdara's Casino

By Chuckmonster on Thursday, 1st April 2010 6:05am
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Suddenly, Vdara is interesting.

Las Vegas Downtown News is reporting that Vdara's triptacularly gorgeous restaurant Silk Road will be converting its main dining room into a semi private, non-smoking Asian gaming salon. While this may come as a shock to some, the word on the street is that Silk Road just hasn't performed well in the shadow of Aria and Bellagio's dining options and Vdara has yet to find its footing as a hotel destination. Just last month, Vdara announced that Silk Road was cutting back its hours and curtailing dinner service.

Perhaps more interestingly is the new, Asian gaming salon, which will include a ton of casino games that aren't widely offered in Las Vegas, but are still main stays of the Chinese gambling diet. The games will include FanTan, Chinese Three Card Poker, Sic Bo, Snake Dragon Shark, PaiGow (both), Mahjong, Cussec, Boule, Fish Prawn Crab, Casino War and a slew of Baccarat tables.

See the report, including tons of renderings of Silk Road redux as Asian gaming salon.



Comments & Discussion:

Grrrrr! Will I ever learn to sleep through April 1? Before clicking on the link, my mind was racing with questions about who would hold the gaming license, what the relationship would be with Aria, and what was with those strange Asian games like Fish, Prawn, Crab.

This is so sad. I wish I could have made reservations for one more meal there. Dammit!

Oh, and I found this. Will there really be slot machines in Vdara??!! REALLY??!!


Ha :)

Funny thing is, its not a half bad idea. I'm sure it would be more profitable than that place.

Excellent gag with just enough plausibility. Actually, Vdara really does need a game changer and adding a unique specialized gaming experience could be it. However, my money is still on MO to be first to add a small casino (in the strip facing retail area).

Dirty, dirty man. Poor Vdara. Vit's Valways Vleft Vout Vby Vitself.

Dammit! I actually believed it!

This was very clever though. MGM should seriously do it.

Damn, I believed it was well.

I'm truly am the April Fool.

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