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...Because Cosmopolitan Was Taken

By Chuckmonster on Thursday, 1st April 2010 5:29am
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The recently resurrected Cosmopolitan Resort & Casino unleashed two bits of news this week, the unveiling of their dining line up and the announcement that the lawsuit levied upon them by somewhat similarly named "Cosmopolitan" magazine has been resolved by Cosmopolitan (the casino) changing its name to....... (drum roll please)

"The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas"

I knew I should've gone to law school.

As for The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas' dining options, it appears that they scoured the New York City restaurant directory and picked out the best of the rest of the bunch.

Offerings include:

Blue Ribbon Sushi (sushi from NYC-based entrepreneurs Bruce and Eric Bromberg)
Scarpetta (Italian, from NYC-based Chef Scott Conant)
Estiatorio Milos (Greek foodie food from another NYC joint, by Costas Spiliadis)
Comme Ca (French brasserie from L.A. based Chef David Myers)
STK (a steakhouse from The One Group)

Both ELV and The Other Steve have lots of details.



Comments & Discussion:

I am the only one to remember the "Maxim Mag Casion" trial baloon? Since I have some experince in this area, I feel compelled:

1. Unsurprising. The folks at Cosmo likely saw the fight that ensued, and drained, the upstart Plaza. Sure they won, but it was likely pyrric and likely sucked crtical early capital and management focus.

2. Cosmo Mag was likely trying to box above its weight by saying it was a famous mark that overries its good (publishing). In other words, image if somebody tried to start a Coke Casino. While Coca-cola does not operate casinos and the word is linked to something to consume at a party, it does not mean the use is OK, or in the least attract Coca-cola's attention. (This was the argument Cosmo Mag used likey, for their real reasons see #5)

3. If you think this is a weak, silly change, so did everyone involved. Note how minor the change was. It indicates how week Cosmo Mag's case was.

4. On the flip side expect EVERYTHING from the hotel to contain the whole name "The Cosmopolitian of Las Vegas". This includes everything from press releases to table felt to the little mints they put on your pillow at turn-down time. As part of the settlment, they are likely required to do this to as part of point 5.

5. Speaking of pyrroic victories, I would like you to meet the newest victor, Cosmo Mag. What they really wanted was to avoid was "Cosmopolitian" becoming generic, which is a basis to lose your trademark registraion. The most famous case here is Asprin, for another example, generic-ization is the reason why Google sends out nasty letters to people say breezily "Just Google it." This played a factor in the Plaza fight, and the new Plaza was able to show how non-distinct the word actually is with how many versions of the name the Old one used to get disctintion. Anyway, Cosmo won but in a manner that shows they lost, which may show either they are not distictive enough for above reason #2, or simply they are so famous they are well on the way to becoming generic and non-distinct.

6. This leads to the next battle, in public opinion. We will likely all be told its not just "Cosmopolitan" or, heaven forbid, "Cosmo". I am sure there will be subtle, and not so subtle, reminders of the offical name of the Vegas property from Casino, and mag, alike, respectively. Sharpen your pencils Chuck, you might be in for a couple long nights.

The name change doesn't really matter as there is a good chance the property will change hands and the new owners will want something different. I am a firm believer that Deutsche Bank is not capable of opening a running a casino by themselves. Seeing as how it isn't open yet, most people will never even know the difference.

The restaurants are pretty good and about what I expected. The suprise is that they announced them (meaning they likely have signed leases). I would think nailing down the room decor, a hotel management company, and most importantly a casino manager would be much higher priorities. What if Boyd decided to buy Cosmo, but won't because they can't put in their own venues now. This could definitely limit Deutsche Bank's options going forward.

I never liked "Cosmopolitan" as a name for a new hotel. Feels so 20th century. The mental association with the mag doesn't help either. Are they trying to make people think they're part of City Center?

Did the publishers of the magazine really think that people would eb confused and think they owned a casino? The resturant line up looks interesting and yes, the place will change owners in a years time.

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