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Mr. Wynn Would Never Allow That...

By MikeE on Thursday, 1st April 2010 1:38am
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We've already had exhaustive discussions on Encore's Beach Club. For a relatively small project, the amount of ultra confidential Wynnformation that's appeared in renderings and drawings has perhaps sparked more fears and doubts than any other idea out of The Steve's stables. After spending a few days at Encore and asking around, here are a few more tidbits.

First, lets address the opening date. There seems to be no question that it'll open by Memorial Day weekend. In fact, I was told there will be a soft opening the week before to work the bugs out. Sure, only a couple weeks ago they were still moving dirt, but now the project's rising quickly enough to notice day-to-day changes. These images were taken on March 29th. The progress is pretty impressive.

Encore Beach Club Construction

Encore Beach Club Construction

Encore Beach Club Construction

You can easily see the two-story cabanas mentioned in the press release as well as the curvature that most certainly confirms the legitimacy of the renderings we've previously come across. But the coolest feature? Those cabanas look out onto the strip which, assuming the music is pumping and the crowds are looking out every now and then, will be a bigger draw for Encore than the fountains are for Bellagio. In fact, while taking the above photos, I more than once overheard conversations among unknowing pedestrians along the lines of...

"Want to go inside Encore?"

"No, it's probably exactly like Wynn."

But what about noise? Or chodes? Or God-forbid, anything along these lines? After expressing my concerns that Encore's Beach Club might turn into another layer-of-gross-mystery-film-floating-atop-the-pool-water-a-la-Rehab-or-Tao-Beach, I got several reassuring responses, my favorite of which being from the valet team:

Rehab is gross. Mr. Wynn would never allow that.



Comments & Discussion:

I know projects in Vegas can move fast, especially when money is no object. But I was pretty surprised when I saw the photo's last night on VT&T. Because you're right, just 10 days ago, they seemed to be moving dirt, and now their already topping out. I'm really curious to see how this blends to the existing atrium, and how strip traffic is funneled into the front. I also have to wonder how much Switch will change? Will Switch still switch, I hope so, its not the fountains, but its pretty cool.

Very impressive progress in the last 2 weeks. I'm definitely booking for mid-June.

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