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Smokin' Good Times

By BlackHillsBoozeHound on Wednesday, 31st March 2010 12:42am
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Cigar aficionados of late are typically relegated to their back decks with a jug of brown liquor and, one hopes, some squirrels (or at least a bluejay or two) to yell at while smoking it. Your wife doesn't want you inside with that stinky thing, nor does your bartender. Sure, you can seek out the sanctuary of a local cigar bar, but if you want to be surrounded by overpriced drinks and pretentious pricks, why not just go to a dance club and gain the benefit of being able to creepily ogle scantily-clad young ladies?

Thus, it was with some shock when, during a recent trip, I asked the Fremont Street cigar cart attendant for a recommendation of a place to smoke my acquisition. "Pretty much any casino on Fremont Street or the Strip is fine," he tells me. Sure, the bartender at the Griffin stopped doing her legal paperwork long enough to come and tell me that cigars weren't embraced that far east, and you just know they're gonna yell at you for firing up in Hennessey's. But in general, I have put this startling revelation to the test, and with excellent results.

So where does one foster one's arsenal? In case the aforementioned cigar cart on Fremont St. (you know the one) has a line of drunken frat boys, you have plenty of other options.

My brother-in-law, Rapid Rich, scouted out Casa Fuente in Caesars Forum Shops. The woman behind the counter informed him that he should smoke it at their bar, as he may get in trouble for smoking it in the Forum proper. I don't hang out in the Forum Shops frequently - I saw Westworld, I trust dormant animatronics as much as I trust a jockstrap made of bacon - but I suspect this may have been a self-serving way to pour some spendy booze down Rich's throat, and he the willing victim. Nevertheless, this a great showcase of Family Fuente's wares.

Davidoff boutiques are all over the place: Venetian, MGM Grand, Mandalay Bay. Not only do they carry a great range of smokes, but you never know when you're going to hit it big and want a $500 gold-plated pen with which to sign your W-2G. Don Pablo Cigar Company, just a little north of Wynn on the Strip, hand-rolls their cigars on-premises.

If, however, you find yourself at the Palms, don't even bother with the gift shop or Playboy Club selection. Head out the west exit, walk through the parking lot, stop and have a drink at the Loose Caboose on the way (it's great, the back is like a big comfy rec room), then continue your journey another block or so farther to Mr. Bill's in the strip mall you'll encounter. Check out their well-stocked humidor, march up to the counter with some likely candidates, look the guy behind the counter in the eye, and tell him Boozehouse sent ya.



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the petrossian lounge at bellagio didn't mind a couple nice cigars back in september.
granted it was basically empty at 2:30pm (the lounge and the surrounding slot pit). but nonetheless.

also, there's the obviousness at rhumbar at mirage. a couple fingers of Oban and a la aroma de cuba out on their patio is something i look forward to every time i'm in vegas.

related question - how expensive do they get in vegas?

i dont really know much, but i was surprised to see pre-embargo cubans from 1950s for ~$500 at a resort in scottsdale.

Baccarat Bar @Bellagio has never had a problem with enjoying a cigar.

Also, I second Mr. Bill's, awesome little place with good prices.

If people (not the staff) bitch when I smoke, I look 'em in they eye and tell them
"My name is BlackHillsBoozeHound, and I smoke where I want!" Sorry if that ruined it for you, but it saved my ass tons!!!!

I've never had any issues smoking them in a casino. I just try to not be an ass with them. Some folks just seem to blow their smoke in all directions and not everyone likes having cigar smoke blown into their faces. If I'm smoking a cigar while at a table game, I try to blow my smoke straight up and away so that nobody gets hit with it.

Benny's Bullpen over at Binion's is decent spot Downtown to chill out with a cigar as it is a sports bar/cigar bar. A lot of times, I just walk around Fremont Street with a cigar. I'll grab a drink from the Golden Nugget bar on Fremont Street and sip on it while enjoying a cigar. The last few trips, I've gone down to one of the cigar shops on the southern end of Fremont (One is next to the biker gear shop across LVB from Neonopolis, and the other is over in the East Fremont area.), as I've cut back on my cigar smoking and planned to smoke one cigar.

I visited Casa Fuente back in 2006 and enjoyed myself. Two of their Cuban Coronas (which were their cheapest cigars) and two cocktails (The mojito was good, but they have a drink there called Hemingway's Epitaph that is the perfect cocktail to go with a cigar.) with tips ran me over $50.

Oddly enough, my Canadian Amigo, that line never works for me.

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