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Fallout : New Vegas Hopefuls

By BlackHillsBoozeHound on Thursday, 25th March 2010 2:00pm
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Fallout : New Vegas

I could scarcely contain my delight when Bethesda Softworks announced that their next Fallout game was going to be set in a post-apocalyptic Sin City. Even with staff being replaced by renegade bandits, it can't be much harder to get a free drink in the Hilton, right?

Except for a teaser video on the Fallout New Vegas mini site, BethSoft has been closed-mouthed about the details. But I can only hope they include the following:

  • You receive mission instructions via Viva Vision
  • Mandalay Bay Land-Sharks
  • Halo-style vehicle battle at Venetian, with gondola-on-gondola action (one player steers and sings, while a second can operate the turret and play the mini-accordion)
  • Find out just how hard the rocks are at the Hard Rock Penal Colony
  • Choose your tribe: descendents of Bob Dancer or Jean Scott
  • Shotgun blast propels opponent off the top of the Strat, and you get to watch the fall (and more importantly, the landing) in bullet-time
  • Robot pirate shootout in front of TI
  • More hookers than all of the Grand Theft Auto games combined (perhaps a DLC mission to Pahrump?)
  • Sahara's roller coaster closed (no change)
  • Pornslapper cards replace bottlecaps as the new currency
  • Light from the top of Luxor indicates a save point
  • Why is the Riv still standing? Demolish that place
  • Dueling pianos at Napoleon's in Paris armed with bazookas
  • Defeat Downtown level boss(es) Four Queens
  • Bellagio dancing fountains of blood
  • Boss battle with RockChick at the Trop
  • Enter the IP kitchen to discover the source of the buffet "meat"
  • Coerce information from uncooperative hostages at the Mirage Volcano
  • Animatronic statues in Caesars Forum Shops programmed to attack (still can't understand what the hell they're saying)
  • Automapping turned off in MGM Grand so you get lost, just like real life
  • Weapon & armor shops at the Fashion Show Mall (low-end versions in Hawaiian Marketplace)
  • Shoot a timeshare maggot in the face. Just once (other than the ten times I'm going to reload, I mean)
  • Become the sheriff of Texas Station
  • Meatheaded level boss comes bursting through glass wall at Aria
  • The main boss battle: showdown with Lucky in the Circus Circus Thunderdome. And tell him Boozehouse sent ya.



Comments & Discussion:

one cool thing I've heard is there are three warring factions in the game, being fremont, the strip, and McCarran. Should be sick.

since every game needs to have your standard low-level bad guy that pops up all the time (like the goombas & turtle things from super mario bros), i suggest LA douchebags.

oh, how fun it would be to slaughter an endless stream of guys in their 20s wearing fedoras.

Not necessarily my cup of tea... But the only reason I'd be getting a PS3 or XBox360 would be for the Food Network game or the fitness stuff.

However, one thing I'd actually be interested in would be a "Sim City" style game for Vegas... Perhaps "Sim Casino"? A player can choose between a small "tavern casino" out in the 'burbs (easy version), a full "locals' casino" complete with hotel and other entertainment options (intermediate version), or a big, flashy Strip casino resort (hard version). And once the game is chosen, one can then design the casino, watch it get built, and then open it and work to make it profitable. Now THIS would be a fun video game for me!

I also wouldn't mind a "Monopoly Las Vegas" type game where players are out to become the next MGM Mirage or Harrah's (or perhaps Boyd) by trying to buy as many casinos as possible. That would also be something that interests me.

And hey, here's another idea: "Top Chef: Las Vegas, THE GAME!" It would be complete with quickfire challenges, wedding wars, restaurant wars, that funny cookoff out in Sandy Valley, judges' table, and Padma telling you to "Pack your knives and go." when you lose... Or conversely, Padma telling you about the new Le Creuset cookware set you earned for winning the challenge! Now THIS is something I REALLY want to see for Xbox360 soon! :-D

Mr. Zero, I believe we have a trip to plan.

Fallout exists in an alternate universe where things got nukes to heck and gone around the early 1950s. You aren't going to see any standing casinos or their knockoffs.

Sounds like the game you wanted was Duke Nukem Forever. :b

atdleft, there was a Vegas sim game, trying to remember the name, it was ok, but if you are a sim fan, it got to the point where it wasn't deep enough. Ah a quick google search, and here it was Vegas Tycoon.

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