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Hard Rock's HRH Tower : The Coolest Suites Ever?

By Chuckmonster on Wednesday, 24th March 2010 2:44am
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While we were busy sniffing Aria's butt in December, the Hard Rock opened their brand spankin' new HRH Tower. In addition to the standard room offerings we've previously profiled, the Hard Rock has built four one-of-a-kind suites, all of which open up right onto the pool deck.

These suites - designed by local firm Chemical Spaces - are, by far, some of the craziest designs I've ever seen in a Las Vegas hotel... straight out of the tablet hotel book of modernism but with a rock n roll edge. I love rock n roll.

There are certainly a number of questionable design decisions - a two foot tall wall around the bed? - and a few ergonomic hurdles that might not suit all visitors, but visually, these might be the coolest collection of hotel rooms Las Vegas has ever seen.

HRH Tower Miami Suite Review

The Miami Blue Suite


HRH Tower Gorilla Suite Review

The Gorilla Suite


HRH Tower Punk Suite Review

The Punk Suite


HRH Tower Tree Line Suite Review

The Tree Line Suite

Compared to the previous, this one looks like a snoozer but don't be fooled, the detail of texture, materials, layout and design are delightfully subtle yet still awesome.

This quartet of suites are so intriguing, I'm beginning to wonder if I wasted a helluva lot of time sniffing butt at ARIA.

Tons more photos are on the Chemical Spaces website as well as the phenomenal Contemporist.



Comments & Discussion:

Clearly these people have seen the Blade Trilogy.

The only one I don't care for is the Punk Suite, it looks a little claustrophobia-inducing to me. The rest look great!

the punk suite is missing the obligatory vegan compost pile, an overflowing ashtray, a case of PBR, a dude passed out on the couch who you're not sure you know, a record player, a pile of crusty old Blanks-77, Crimpshrine, and Blatz 7"es, and a Crass poster on the wall.

what are the rates for the ones with pools? (spa villas and some penthouses)

original press release >

linked article shows >
blue, gorilla, punk, tree line

altered states penthouse, pool >

provocateur penthouse

and others >

altered states must be a rename of one of these, but 2 were not discussed >
Platinum, Ultra Lounge, Sex & Pistols

and more >

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