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Cosmopolitan Lives!

By Chuckmonster on Thursday, 18th March 2010 5:52am
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It's alive... ALIIIIIVE!

Seemingly out of nowhere, the financially challenged Cosmopolitan has launched a brand new website!

Cosmopolitan Lives

Aside from the "It's NOT for Everyone" tagline - which sounds more like an blanket excuse than a declaration of exclusivity - there isn't a helluva lot to sink your teeth in.

The grainy, gritty, gothic vibes in the photography are interesting in a 'bastard child of Opeth and The Smiths' album covers' kinda way. What would be infinitely more interesting would be if this gritty indie goth haunted house vibe is an actual indication of what the interiors of the resort will feel like. Being that the Cosmo tilts heavily towards the investment salvage side of the scale versus artistic vision side, I'm not going to get my hopes up too high yet.

Pouring through the sites 5 pages yields no mention of an opening date, but a handful of other worthy particulars are unveiled. Cosmopolitan will consist of two 50 story towers (we knew this) containing 2,995 hotel rooms and "condo-style accommodations" - [yay] - three pools (one of which is an adult pool), a slew of restaurants and a 100,000 square foot casino which will contain Casino Cabanas. Casino Cabanas? "Part exclusive social atmosphere, part great gaming." How awesome is that... VIP private gaming, pulled out from the behind the high roller wall and down from the sky casinos and dropped right onto the middle of the casino floor for 'everyone' with to enjoy. Throw in bottle service and some other private intertaintment and this shack will rock.

It's not dead, Jim.

PS. Thanks to certified ninja Mac78312042 for the tip. You rule!



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"...an infectious nightclub scene."

Uh Oh! I'd better get my shots first.

LV Business Press wrote that Cosmo's construction was "tentatively" scheduled to be completed in December. That sounds a little nebulous to me. http://tinyurl.com/yjq2sqt

i can say that i am not surprised considering that the building is damn near finished

Yep. It's so close that they might as well finish and open it. I still think MGM Mirage will want to buy Cosmo and integrate it into CityCenter as soon as they can.

Is Cosmo even scheduled to have a casino? Or just the casino cabana things?

yep. 100,000 sq ft casino the cabanas inside.

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