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Hunting Fox & Hound

By BlackHillsBoozeHound on Thursday, 18th March 2010 4:49am
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I've made no secret of my love for the Las Vegas Hilton, even though it may brand me as a middle-aged businessman traveling for a conference instead of a middle-aged Boozehouse traveling for a love of the drink and to exercise his swift, if blurry, eye at Jacks or Better. Judge me if you'd like; I've been there enough that it just feels like home. Good memories abound of Star Trek: The Experience, of mocking The Scintas (and then later, feeling nostalgic about The Scintas), of honing my mad vp skillz on their full-pay machines, of busting my Monorail cherry in their depot. But the thing I miss most, the thing that was as much a part of drawing me back to the Hilton as anything, was a slot machine.

Everybody's got their go-to game that rarely, if ever, lets them down. For my Kung-Fu April, it's craps. My brother-in-law, Rapid Rich (or as I like to call him, "the guy I wouldn't hang around with if we weren't related"), is partial to Kick Ass slots. For others, it may be the blackjack table, or maybe a poker tournament. For me, it was Fox 'N Hound. It's a multi-line, triple-reel quarter slot game with a video screen above (I'm not a TOTAL Philistine). I'd maybe have to stick in a few twenties, but my patience paid off when the bonus game hit and rewarded me with a hundred fifty, maybe two hundred dollars.

I wasn't greedy about it; I'd play it until I won some money, and then I'd skulk off to Quark's to watch some Star Trek in close proximity to colorful boozes. Maybe give a little back to some other slot machines to pay off that bitch goddess karma. I had, in fact, given this machine such high praise that my newlywed bride was anxious to try it out on our honeymoon a couple years ago.

Imagine my shock when I led her to the place where it had always been, only to find a distinct lack of either of the two remaining Fox 'N Hound machines. Figuring that its old-school reels relegated it to some back room, we scoured the casino to no avail, finding only a shitty mockery, a nickel all-video version. We checked everywhere we went Downtown, home of the reel slots, with equal results: we found a Fox & Hound reel machine, but it lacked the video screen for the bonus rounds that were the real payoff. Harrah's slot finder? None in Vegas.

I even went to the extent of asking one of the Hilton slot techs, who confirmed with another that all of the Fox 'N Hound machines were "in storage." Did I fight the urge to ask one to escort me there and plug one in, and promise to tip big? Like Hercules, and I likewise did triumph. Barely.



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Ahhh, Kick Ass. I look forward to reuniting with you at the M next month.

I feel your pain, I'm still grieving over the loss of my go to game. WSOP VP

fox & hound machines must come to louisiana when they die. seriously, there are tons around here.

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