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The New m.VegasTripping.com

By Chuckmonster on Wednesday, 17th March 2010 4:53pm
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I'm very proud to announce that we've completely redesigned and rebuilt m.VegasTripping.com, our miniature version of VegasTripping built specifically for new generation mobile devices like iPhones, Droids, Palm and Blackberrys.

The first version of m.VT, launched in June of 2009 was little more than us dipping our toes into the mobile programming sea. Version 2.0 of m.VegasTripping.com is our wading in waste deep. We've got thousands of features we'd like to add to the site and have ideas for thousands more.

Before we start on a little pictorial tour, I would like to thank Mr. MinVegas aka Mike_Ch aka @mtc (who owns a mansion and a yacht) for basically telling us that VT rendered a little wonky on mobile Safari, that the current m.VT was severely lacking and that we needed to either build an iPhone/iPad app or fix the other two. Since the internet programming is our forte, we opted for the latter... but that doesn't mean we're not hard at work planning a VegasTripping app as we speak (bwahahaha.)

Finally, it should be noted that there are a bajillion mobile devices out there and not all of them have modern browsers. m.VegasTripping.com was built and tested primarily for iPhone (the only device I own), but should work for other top tier devices. If you are a BB/Palm/Android user and things render/act weird send us a screenshot and description of whats happening to info@ this domain. Thx!

Perhaps the biggest enhancement is the use of proper HTML/CSS layout and touch screen navigation. Say goodbye to the accesskey. We've also added a MyVegas account login, thereby enabling the ability to post comments on news or feature items directly from your phone. Tapping the bookmarking icon on iPhone will put an m.VT app style icon on your home screen too.

Full feature articles (including photos) are now available. There is a bug regarding the images that caused them to render all strange, we're working on it.

You can login and add comments to features and news items from your phone.

Each hotel page features a smattering of information found in the full VT page, with links to neighboring property, basic rating information and links to VT's low bandwidth walking around map and higher bandwidth Google map. Scroll down to see individual hotel ratings and reviews posted as MyVegas favorites.

We're pretty excited about this and we sincerely hope that you will find this thing useful or at the very least, entertaining. Enjoy!



Comments & Discussion:

I don't even have a Smart phone, and it works really well. I have an old LG Dare and the mobile site works perfectly. But then again, the full site works pretty good on this phone too, just slower.

Awesome, can't wait to give it a run on my next trip.

Looks fine on my Nexus One, BTW.

Thanks y'all for testing!

Nice. Looks good on Droid Eris.

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