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Encore Beach Club: The First Renderings (updated)

By JohnH on Tuesday, 16th March 2010 8:41pm
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A few weeks ago, we alerted you to one of the greatest treasure troves of Wynn Resorts interior renderings imaginable. Much to our surprise, those renderings are still online over three weeks later.

Even more to our surprise, we at VT today discovered that that treasure trove just keeps on giving us more treasure. VT readers, here are the first actual, factual according to Hoyle renderings of the Encore Beach club.

Rendering #1 - View From North
Rendering #2 - View from South

The funny thing about the renderings, though, is that the place just doesn't look that interesting. The bar, with its butterflies and signature Encore drapes, looks interesting, but the pool itself - ostensibly, the centerpiece of the Encore Beach Club - looks like a generic bean-shaped concrete swimming hole. Not super impressive.

We'll reserve judgment until we see the Beach Club, Wet Kiss, and Surrender (Note: We're still not sure if Wet Kiss and Surrender are separate clubs or not. The inclusion of the "Pool Club" signage in the first rendering suggest two clubs, but we'll just have to wait and see) in May, but as of right now, consider us underwhelmed.

What are your thoughts?

Update: And we missed one. Here's an interior rendering, brought to our attention by reader Brian Fey, of Surrender. I'll be sure to bring my 8 1/2 foot killer python with me on opening day. And ladies, I ain't just talking about my exceedingly large snake. Rimshot!

Rendering #3 - Surrender

Also, a bit of clarification on the Wet Kiss/Surrender confusion: After hearing Roger Thomas' Genesis-inspired hints on the last edition of "Beauty Defined by Roger Thomas," it looks like the club was tentatively named Wet Kiss, but it is officially going by Surrender.



Comments & Discussion:

same as you... kinda... meh. I think Wynn has a habit though of underproviding the drama in his renderings- then over-delivering with lavish detail and imagination. Let's hope this quick remodel (less than 2 months) continues in the Wynn tradition.

On another note- I'm more interested in what the Strip frontage would look like. Other renderings we've seen has standard size wide-walkway setback and a plaza like entrance etc. How are they going to fit all that in there? This will be very interesting to watch unfold!

WOW! Huge score by John. I think it looks pretty sweet. I mean, come on, its a pool. Its not the high roller slot room.

Uber meh.

Speaking of the high roller room, did they get rid of the high limit slot room at Encore? Havent been since they started the construction. Did they just wall off the old atrium between the high limit room and Switch? Thanks!

Yes, that's exactly what they did.

Here's what the Encore High Limit Slot room looks like now:

I'll be staying at Encore just a few weeks before it opens. I am sure it will still be walled off so that I won't be able to get a peek at it. I just hope that in the real version, there won't be a dude in a Speedo. ;)

Thanks Ratevegas... I also found this video which shows what it must look like from the casino currently. It looks like the bar next to the former high limit is still there, as is Switch's bar on the other side of the atrium. Anyone know if they plan to relocate the high limit slot room, or is it gone forever?


Umm...I think they missed the detail in the BEACH club.

Not too exciting, but still alot better than the bland pool area of Aria.

That club is downright trashy.

Trashy ain't even got it. It's a 50s woman at a White Snake concert. Ugh.

Lose the poles, the gold/yellow banquets, the LEOPARD PRINT, and snakes. Keep the mirror facets on the ceiling (without the damn paintings embedded.) Start again. The idea is fantastic though for the layout. Open to the pool on one entire side. The base is there, but the additions are...well...crap.

I suspect these are just early placeholders for what it might look like. There are evident problems like the pool is too deep and there isn't enough deck space around the pool. Also, recent photos would indicate they are re-using the entrance cupola by moving it out towards the strip. I just hope they had sufficient time to properly design the whole thing.

And we've officially put Mr. Schneider's site out of commission.

Dang, didn't move fast enough. Looks like someone killed those links.

Do I dare?

http://tinypic.com/r/6dvfbq/5 South View
http://tinypic.com/r/1z70p5v/5 North view
http://tinypic.com/r/xan4g/5 Surrender Night Club

dare you did! thanks!

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