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Asian Rain

By JohnH on Monday, 15th March 2010 1:35am
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Imagine you've just walked into Wynn Las Vegas. Doesn't matter from which entrance. You could be coming in through the main valet, the Villa Atrium, or the Esplanade; just imagine you've walked into Wynn Las Vegas. What do you see? Smell? Taste? Feel?

When I've asked that question in the past, most casual VegasTrippers give me the standard list of memorable Wynn moments. They see those voluptuous, Trippie-winning red carpets. They remember the parasols dancing in front of the Lake of Dreams. They remember taking those roofie-spiked Jager shots on the Wynn swoop the night before their crazy bachelor party.

Rarely, though, do you get people who remember the scent. That intoxicating blend of sweet dew and amazing-ness that puts Venetian's taint stank to shame. We here at VT are fairly sure that the scent is actually Elaine Wynn's custom Karl Lagerfeld-designed perfume. It is simply life changing.

And like almost everything else at Wynn and Encore, you can now take it home with you. Yes, during my December "Introduction to Aria" trip, I stumbled upon Asian Rain sitting next to a butterfly adorned diffuser designed by Roger Thomas himself in the Wynn Signature Shop.

For the low, low price of $15.00, your pad can now smell like a delicious hug from Steve Wynn's cardigan. And cherubs. Every single day of the week.

To be quite honest, the discovery of Asian Rain was quite the revelation to us here at VT. In our attempts to bring the art and soul of Las Vegas into houses across the country, Asian Rain now joins the Wynn DreamSleeper, miniature version of Le Reve, and bust of Roger Thomoose that adorn VT's super-secret, underground TripperCave and really kind of completes the space. It is quite amazing.



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Now you just need a rug made from the Encore carpet to really tie the room together......

better than chocolate rain...

Nice, what I want to know so I never purchase it is what is that smell in Aria, overwhelming like the Venetian upon entering.

If you like the Wynn scent but want something more masculine, check out the 007 candle from Tocca. It's got some Wynn essence along with a hint of leather. I keep one in my car, you don't even have to light it, and people are always asking about the smell.

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