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In Case You Forgot Who Owns Caesars

By MikeE on Friday, 12th March 2010 3:00pm
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Oh Caesars... where does one begin?

You're one of the few casinos in the world that houses a craps table in a private salon. Your Forum Shops draw in more tourists, make more revenue, and command more rent per square foot than any other mall of its kind. Guy Savoy, with his three Michelin stars, has a restaurant under your roof. Your suites are the most decadent, outrageous, and largest in Las Vegas. Qua Baths? First class. And despite being doggy-eared at every corner, your name alone has enough prestige to command a price competitive to your beautifully master planned brethren, despite being a Frankenstein of a luxury hotel yourself.

But, lest we forget who your parent company is, lest we at one moment think you're the most prestigious option on the strip, we can always open up our Total Rewards accounts for a bitter reminder:

Caesars Palace Sears Giveaway



Comments & Discussion:

Caesars is still one of the most prestigious casinos on The Strip. It's just funny to see how Harrah's is still adjusting to running high-roller joints. And hey, don't diss Total Rewards too much... Unlike the other Strip casino owners, Harrah's did post a profit last quarter. :-)

I have a long time love affair with Caesars going back to my 12th birthday. It wasn't my barmitzvah but my dad said "Today you are a man." And, we walked past the infamous, now re-designed fountains-- there was water coming out of a statues hoo hah. HIS HOO HAH.

I stayed at Caesars once, in 2006. The Augustus Tower room was much nicer than I had expected, and the view of Bellagio's fountains was better than from Bellagio itself. Restaurants were excellent except for the awful Neros. (No apostrophe in Neros either.) The casino was a hodge podge of confusing areas. In other words, Caesars is a conundrum. Don't ask if I would go back. I don't know.

I saw that. I am holding out for a TJMaxx gift card.

First Sears, then TJ Maxx, then Walmart. It's just a matter of time.

don't forget - you can also use your Sears gift card at K-Mart!!

I don't know who they think they are or are trying to fool. Caesars wanted more money for an old, tired, standard "classic" room than Wynn wanted for a almost new Encore Resort Suite. Why would I pay MORE for Caesars and that cluster F of a place?


"Why would I pay MORE for Caesars and that cluster F of a place?"

Two reasons: location & (lack of) Total Rewards. For better or worse, there are many tourists out there who'd pay extra to say, "I was right in the heart of The Strip at CAESARS!" And of course, there's Total Rewards... Harrah's doesn't mind practically giving away rooms to active Total Rewards players, but Harrah's also doesn't mind ripping off non-members with astronomical rates.


"First Sears, then TJ Maxx, then Walmart. It's just a matter of time."

Oh, jeez... But you may be right. You never know what gimmick Harrah's will come up with next for Total Rewards... And the really scary thing is that IT ACTUALLY WORKS!

That's the problem. I really don't play enough to get a comp or good rate at CP. (though Harrah's did comp me 4 nights at Paris in December with a miniscule amount of play). So, I have to compare places based on what it costs me. And CP just seems to always come up WAY short compared to other place. For this upcoming trip, a tiny amount of play at Wynn Red Card got me a better rate than I could at CP with much more play on Total Rewards.

Sure, the location is nice. But Wynncore is nice, too. I like that place. Why leave?

It's so true that the old grande lady still attracts great lease tenants and has high end offerings as a reminder of when it was truly the casino that ruled - but like a dowager who is living on her memories there is a sadness about Caesars. Alas, walk into practically any of Caesars rooms, public rooms or hallways and you will find dirt in corners, chipped paint and under-maintained or broken furniture, drawers, drains, tubs, tvs or toilets. Really, it's Sears that should be wondering if the association is a good one.

Caesars is one of those places that's all things to all people. They have a LOT of hotel rooms, and many of them aren't the best in town, and they want to fill those too. Aria sort of has the same thing, their rooms are better but there's still a whole lot of them and more supply than demand.

In fact, the price point of Aria rooms crushing Caesars' oldest stock even further down is exactly WHY you see deals like this.

It's not really about who owns Caesars, it's that they aren't catering only to the well to do. Which is a negative mark in The Big Book of Mike E for some reason. You seem to prefer places that are immune to economic rises and falls. Different strokes for different folks, I guess. *shrug*

Apparently, I am incorrect and if I had read the posts above me I would have understood why.

Well, that explains why Harrah's hotels always seem to be priced like they have a convention in town. And here I thought it was only Sands doing that.

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