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Breaking Down Luxor's All Inclusive Package

By MikeE on Tuesday, 9th March 2010 1:47pm
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Do you like your Vegas trips extra lame? Have you ever cared to test the boundaries of your stomach? Then you might be intrigued by Luxor's All Inclusive package. How does it stack up to the total price of admission had you planned the same itinerary separately? Read on to find out.

First, let's total the costs of amenities that have actual value:

Two MORE all-day buffet passes: $60
Two tickets to Believe (worst seats in the house): $118
Two tickets to Titanic: The Artifact Exhibit: $54
Two tickets to Bodies: $62
Two spa day passes: $50

It's difficult to gauge the values of VIP check in and line passes to LAX and Cathouse (the offer is a bit misleading - they're not taking care of cover charges here). VIP check in can be an extremely beneficial perk as Luxor's check in desk tends to get unbelievably long during peak times. Line passes to nightclubs, which will never go as far as a good attitude and tip, aren't much help either. So for the purposes of this study, we'll exclude these and leave them as icing on the offer's cake.

Is $344 worth of goodies valuable enough to justify the $420 total price for two nights (before taxes and resort fee)? Perhaps, but it's a stretch. Two cheap weeknights at $45 per night will run a total of $434, or $14 more, with all the package's extras purchased separately. But is anyone really going to partake in all the amenities offered? Seems like an okay value if you really don't mind seeing Criss Angel after bingeing at the buffet (that is, if the Bodies exhibit hasn't already discouraged digestion).

Additionally, there are two factors in the fine print to watch out for. First, Criss Angel tickets must be purchased on the day of the performance and are only granted through the package if they're available for the night you want to go. So yes, if by some miracle they sell the theater out, you're shit out of luck. Second, you must be able to juggle between the nights that Cathouse and LAX are open and make sure that Believe is not dark to get the full value of the package.

Our final verdict: unless you're going on a weekend such as that of October 22nd where the current price is an unreasonable $180 per night, then the offer presents some tangible value on top of the line-cutting privileges, buffet, and spa passes. If you were already planning to see one of the exhibits, it's an even better deal. But for the other 99% percent of you that know better than to pay $180 for a mid-to-borderline-low-tier hotel, then there are far better Luxor offers to be had.



Comments & Discussion:

The Luxor buffet isn't that bad, but the Bodies exhibit really would upchuk everything I ate there. Bring back the arcade machines.

Best opening line for any article ever!

Nobody could ever get this package to pencil out. How can it be all-inclusive without drinks? (I know Monte Carlo has an all you can drink option)
I suppose if you had 2 kids you wanted to keep occupied while you drank and gambled this might work. Not that I am condoning bringing children to Vegas. The spring break offer you found is much more reasonable.

I still think Prima at MGM Grand could be one of the better options if you are staying a minimum of three nights.

My goodness, why would someone want to spend all that time at Luxor??!! OK, so they have a couple OK restaurants there with Company and Cathouse. Oh, and they have a popular nightclub in LAX.

The rest? Give me a break! Why would someone want to go to Vegas to gorge on a cheap buffet, see a cheesy "bodies" exhibit, and watch what may be one of the worst Las Vegas shows of all time ("Criss Angel BeLIEve")?

I don't get it, especially when MGM Mirage Players' Club members (like moiself) can find good room deals at Mandalay Bay & THEHotel next door.

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