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Aria Suites Finally Feeling The Crunch

By MikeE on Friday, 5th March 2010 12:37pm
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They've been hurt and they've been ridiculed. With an ad campaign and extraordinary hype, Aria practically had us believing it would change the world. That didn't happen. On the contrary, they haven't even been able to hold rates against its big, fat, nearly-twelve-year-old, armoire-boasting, tube-tv-teletubbing, a-little-shaggy-around-the-edges, big sister up the street.

But despite some excellent deals on the standard rooms, the price of entry for their suites haven't been nearly as tempting until just recently. A random check finds most weekdays have a one-bedroom Aria Sky Suite of 1050 square feet at only $400 per night with two bedroom units at $500. One-bedroom penthouses that were once running $800 are down to $550.

Expensive? Sure. A value? Definitely.

Besides all the personalized "hotel within hotel" service that's becoming the new standard for these types of accommodations, the website quietly mentions "lounge with food and beverage amenities." Sounds like crackers and cheese with lemon infused water and coffee, right?

Wrong. What the site should really say is "fully fucking stocked, top shelf bar for you to chug the living shit out of." Seriously, it's a pretty sweet amenity and one that I honestly predict won't last very long. Throw in roundtrip limo and you've got a pretty awesome deal.



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Yes, the Sky suites are starting to look really attractive. Similar cost to Hotel32 which doesn't offer the booze. I'm hoping it will drop a little more ($350?), but I doubt it. The SkyLofts at MGM struggled for the first year (and got down to $400) but now command premium pricing even midweek.

ok wait. just so we are clear, cause this will make all the difference in an upcoming trip, if u stay in a suite at aria then you have access to a private lounge that you can drink all you want in for free? so if i have two people registered and staying in my room can we both drink? what is the minimum type of room i have to stay in in order to do this?

lnknchrs, anything labeled "Sky Suite" and above comes with limo and open bar. There's often a butler standing there to help you with drinks. Last I was there, we just gave him $10 and he let us pour with a very, *very* heavy hand.

Honest, I really don't understand why someone would go to Las Vegas to drink a lot in a hotel room. 20 years ago, when I first traveled to Vegas it was on a Bob Stupak promotion that featured a card that allowed you to drink virtually unlimited quanitities at the Vegas World bar. I had quite a few but it wasn't why I flew coast-to-coast. Las Vegas is like no place else on earth, why sit around in a nice room and drink, drink, drink?...you can do that at home.

thanks for bringing this to my attention MikeE. now i know what to do with my tax return. last time i took advantage of an open bar was when i stay in a venezia concierge level room in 2003. my friends and i ended up drinking the place out of jack and going to the guggenheim in our slippers.

Howard, unless it's the beginning of a night out on the town, I don't find drinking in the room very appealing either. That said, helping myself to a drink before perusing the casino is very valuable to me as the very first place I always hit when the elevator descends and the doors open is the nearest bar.

The lounge is downstairs and not too far from the casino floor, so we were actually hitting it for drinks when we were playing on the floor as it was faster and you got a stiffer/bigger drink.

Though if all you're looking for is an "open" bar, don't the Tower Suites over at Wynn have a lounge too?

Alex, Tower Suites' open bar is only for RFB guests. If you're checking into the VVIP room, everything in there that's edible is free for the taking.

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