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Mobissimo Isn't Travel Search, It's Travel Find

By Chuckmonster on Thursday, 4th March 2010 3:32am
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Over the last few years one of the most interesting developments in travel planning has been the ascension of the "travel search engine." For the uninitiated, the principle is simple... instead of hopping from Priceline to Southwest to Expedia to Bellagio.com to Travelocity to American Airlines and back, travel search engines aggregate the rates culled from these and hundreds of other online retailers onto one page where users can do their penciling chomping comparisons.

Contrary to popular belief, travel search engines - Kayak.com, SideStep.com, HotelsCompared.com and Mobissimo.com - are not retailers, they simply display data and links to retailers from where it was pulled. For the first time ever, online retailers are pitted in head to head competition wherein the provider of the best rates, terms and deals wins the dollar.

Long time VT readers have been listening to us bang the drum for Kayak.com for years and years. If you like Kayak but your browser can't handle the visual effects they've been spreading on thick lately OR hate the way their search result sessions time out after only a handful of minutes comparing OR aren't particularly jazzed about their results not containing enough data direct from Harrah's, Venetian, Mirage etc., you will absolutely love Mobissimo.

The interface isn't as sparkly or squeaky clean as Kayak's, but it is unencumbered by the asynchronous javascript that monkey wrenches real power searching. Go ahead, hit the back button, jump around between pages of search results, change the sort order, redo your dates... Mobissimo wants you to click around to find the best rates.

A cursory search for Las Vegas hotels on randomly chosen dates - April 4-8, 2010 - returned about 17 pages of results, the soup to nuts of travel retailers including the largest selection of rates pulled directly from the casino websites I've ever seen.

But does this rate comparison search engine technology really work?

Sorting by "hotel", you can isolate a specific joint and compare all of the retailers with related offerings. Not exactly the cleanest interface for sorting, but with results like these, who cares!

Seriously? Encore for $100 bucks a night? There's got to be a catch right? Clicking through to Agoda.com reveals that there is no catch... Agoda is offering that rate at that very moment which you can book straight away. Agoda is a subsidiary of Priceline.

A fluke? Let's try Wynn Las Vegas.

Seriously? Wynn Las Vegas for $95 bucks a night? Holy crap. Could it be that Agoda.com is Priceline with its pants down? Holy moly.

Mandarin Oriental for $235/night? That's $150 less than what the M.O. website quoted two days ago for the very same dates.

But wait, it gets better...

Searching for MacauTripping airfare (LAX to HKG) yielded base fares for about $800, clicking on the "change your dates for lowest fare" recommendation scored a round trip via Vancouver for $580 from AirCanada. Insanity!

Go check out Mobissimo.com and don't tell them VegasTripping sent you.



Comments & Discussion:

Excellent find! probably can't beat those weekday rates. I checked the weekend rates and they are about what you would expect (over $200).

You can't really go wrong with that rate, especially at Wynn. Still worth it even if they stick you in a used and abused room with an HVAC view. In other circumstances I would be a bit more leary. I once booked a room through hotels.com at a generous rate, only to have the hotel attempt to put me in an odd room that was obviously some sort of architectural leftover/mistake. I got out of it since the reservation specified 2 beds and there was only one, but I didn't like my bargaining position being that I didn't pay through them. I'm all for finding bargains but you generally get what you pay for anyway.

I used Agoda for jetting around Asia. I think its Asian based.

What's up the sperm logo though on Mobbisimo...or whatever it is.

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