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Buyer Beware: Venetian / Palazzo's Date and Switch Reservation System

By Chuckmonster on Sunday, 28th February 2010 3:40am
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Speaking of strangeness in the reservation apps, while poking around Palazzo's reservation system under the guise of room rate research, I noticed something incredibly peculiar about how they calculate and display prices.

A simple search for a single night (in this case March 7th 2010) stay yields a room rate of $159 for the basic "Palazzo Luxury" room. Adding one more day, to the say and the app spits out $159 for the 7th and $159 for the 8th... as one would expect.

Adding another night to the stay, this time at the front end changes the previously quoted prices to $169/night for the 7th, 8th and for the new date (the 6th.) Strange. Here's a bunch of permutations of this date thing... the rates blocked in the green rectangle are the night of "March 7th."

Different manipulations of the dates and the length of stay changes the room rate quoted for the 7th... from the low of $159, to a high of $189 depending on how many dates you stay and which dates surround the 7th.

This kinda math would make sense ONLY if they were quoting an "average rate" which, they absolutely do not state they are doing, anywhere on the reservations rate quote page (here's a screengrab.)

What's really going on here is Palazzo is looking for the highest daily rate within your date range and applying it to all dates in your stay, sneak-jacking hotel rates right under your nose! Your only defense is to book each day of your 4 day trip under a separate reservation.

Holy moly what a bunch of crap!



Comments & Discussion:

WTF is their deal? Add the $17 resort fee and you got a true winner folks!

I noticed similar rate changes when checking prices at Paris a couple months ago. I logged in with my Total Rewards numbered and checked the rate for four nights. It gave me two comped and two at $60 each. Adding another night resulted in two nights comped and three nights at $75 each.

The Venetian has been doing this since day one. It is an average daily rate. The rate goes up $10/night when you add a 4th day that by itself is $40 more. Several other travel search engine sites do the same thing.

Addendum to my previous post. I believe they also use internal modifiers to this avg daily rate, so the math appears not to work out in all cases. For example, they may give a discount if you book a 4th night. While this makes it difficult for those of us who pick around for the best rates on various nights, it makes it much easier when booking business travel, conventions, and getting expense reports processed. Some companies won't pay for a hotel night above $300 (like most Sat at Venetian) but if it has been averaged down to $200 it is ok.

Back in the boom years, I remember MGM properties doing a lot of this.

So their yard sale isn't making enough money and they decided on a bait 'n switch? You get what you pay for folks. Just make sure Adelson's finger isn't probing you when you finally do pay.

parchedearth is right - it's an ADR (with some adjustments). I realized this when booking rooms last summer.

I just got 5 nights over Memorial Day weekend at Wynn for $972 including my flight from Chicago through Expedia. Actually, I had a $100 coupon on Expedia which I found at Checkout so it was $872. The RT flight by itself is going for $440. Sooooo, I have 5 nights at the Wynn on a holiday weekend for less than $100/night.

For those of us that have to fly into town, the combo deals on the travel sites are looking nice. It's a good thing too since $440 RT to Vegas from ORD is ridiculous to begin with and insulting knowing that AA is going to charge $50 RT if I check a bag.

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