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MGM Mirage Tries Personal Approach, Fails

By MikeE on Sunday, 28th February 2010 1:02am
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Our favorite social networkers are the ones not afraid to venture away from the monitor. The kind that send you a message when they read that you're coming into town, put the iBlackBerry down for an hour of their day, and take the time to share a drink with you.

It seems MGM Mirage is finally seeing the value of this. The masters of robotic tweets, their #followfridays, #twittertuesdays, retweet orgies, and networks of shills posing as your friend were responsible for an MGM Mirage unfollow frenzy I shared with others not too long ago.

But today, I got this surprising e-mail. He's Vinny. He's the face behind @VegasConcierge. He supposedly "knows social" and looks to have the persona of that guy who layers his shirt collar over his coat, wears gold chains around his neck, and has hair with more oil in it than all of Exxon-Mobil's reserves. He's old school Vegas minus the chest hair (definitely photoshopped out).

So does the guy - someone putting on the persona that he's connected throughout the town - truly "know social."

Hell no.

Because no matter how much of a hot shot you make yourself look out to be, your constant feed of this and this is, in the words of VT reader PokerVixen, a noise that is a disservice to the true value of social networking.



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*sigh* I miss @phvegas...

Then you might to read my Green Felt Journal column in next week's Vegas Seven (@7vegas). I had a great talk w/ VegasGalB that's an important part of it. Now, if I could just track down "Vinnie" from @vegasconcierge, I'll really get to "know social." Or not.

Isn't that campaign just a play on the whole NYC gangster idea?

Granted it's a terrible campaign, and vegasconcierge is a terrible twitterer, but I don't see the argument or validity of this article other than to advertise MIkeE's distaste for vegasconcierge in general.

It might help if they changed the Twitter icon, as isn't that a cartoon drawing of the person who used to tweet under that name.

What's NYNY's next spokesperson plan, the stereotypical New Yorker of the Jewish faith? In some ways playing up the Italian stereotype is a slap in the face to those Italian-Americans that helped develop Las Vegas into what it is now (The ties to the Mafia notwithstanding.).

I think most of us here could be better promoters of NYNY within the various social media sites than this guy. His tweets on Twitter are of the type that tend to led to being unfollowed than followed.

Wasn't Vinny the winner of a pick the new host/face of NYNY contest a couple months ago. I got the same email and had assumed it was just for NYNY. As a stereotype character I don't mind as long as they limit him to the themed NYNY.

this is where ihotelier is nice.

in general, even if booking multiple nights, i would price each night separately when using these kinds of reservation systems.

Parchedearth is correct. This isn't an attempt to be any more personal than a "Follow us at" sign in the middle of the casino is.

Vinnie is a gimmick who was chosen in a contest by New York New York for a mascot. He's about as authentic as that recorded wake-up call from Mickey Mouse you can get at the Disneyland Hotel.

I've never heard of casino marketing people meeting guests face to face and hanging out with them, except at well-spotted events like Podpalooza. If they came and visited while I was on vacation? That honestly sounds JUST a little bit too weird.

Clever headline. I was like, "how the f**k are they going to fit five more bars inside ARIA?"

I tried to open up some space in Aria my last trip...

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