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Editorial: I've Got A Big Problem With Encore

By JohnH on Friday, 26th February 2010 2:58am
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Readers of VT, I'm going to go on a bit of a protracted rant for a few paragraphs. There's been something gnawing away at me for the past few months and I just can't take it anymore. I've got a big problem with Encore.

I'm as mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore.

I've brought up remedies to this problem via Twitter, only to be given glossed over corporate response. I had hoped that it would be rectified with the reservation system update that we told you about a few days ago. I've tried to find the merits in it and can't. I've tried to look to outside psychiatric council in attempts to accept it. Everything thus far has failed. So, I now bring this problem to all of you in the hopes that we might just find consensus and end this horrible affliction on our Las Vegas trips.

Well, either that or we all just accept it and book another trip.

Let me begin by saying that I love Encore. I was privileged enough-along with Chuckmonster, Mike E., and the good Adm. Hillegas-to stay in the resort during its first night of operations and have been smitten with it ever since. In fact, I love the hotel so much that I've booked it for a super spectacular birthday party at the end of the year. It's truly one of my favorite properties in Las Vegas.

I have a problem, though. You see, when I take a trip to Vegas, I normally need a room with two queen beds. At almost every hotel up and down Las Vegas Blvd. South, this is never a problem; the two exceptions, of course, being Venetian and Palazzo. Those two do not invoke my ire because they quite simply don't charge very much for the upgrade to their "Bella" two-queen bedded suites. It's normally little more than $20 per night.

Encore is a different story. Around about late April of last year, the resort's reservation department instituted a policy whereby each "Resort Suite Queen" reservation would be subject to an additional $50 per night charge over the standard rate for a "Resort Suite King." Now, that's not that much money, and quite honestly, I'm more than willing to pay the additional fee for a night in Encore's ultra-luxe digs.

However, the rub in the policy comes when you try to book a room at Encore using a promotion code. For example, go over to Encore's reservation page, pick a few dates, and throw in the promotion code "EARLYBOOKING" (We'll wait).

You see that? You see how you can select a "Resort Suite King" room for a much discounted price, but are prevented from selecting a "Resort Suite Queen?" Venetian and Palazzo don't prevent you from doing that, and that is exactly what gets my knickers in a twist.

Now, to exemplify my frustration, let's do a little cost analysis. During the weekend of July 16, Encore rack rates for the Resort Suite King and Queen rooms are $219 and $269, respectively. Notice the above-mentioned $50 fee is quite present. Add in that promotion code we mentioned and take a look at the difference. During that same weekend, the Resort Suite King can be had for a total of $165 per night. Add the $50 fee to that, and a Resort Suite Queen could and should be had for $215 per night, a savings of $54 per night and $162 over a three-night weekend. That's not a lot, but it can go quite a long way in whittling down BlackHillsBoozeHound's tab over at Eastside Lounge. It's a nice little chuck of change that the savvy Vegas Tripper could and should be saving. And, yet, we can't. There's a big fucking problem there.

And why, you ask, is Wynn Resorts doing this? The corporate answer is that Encore was built for lovers who don't normally occupy two-bedded rooms, and thus, the resort was built with very few of them. That explains the $50 fee, but it does not even come close to explaining why I can't book that Resort Suite Queen using one of the company's offer codes.

The only answer to that query I can think of is - and it kills me to have to say it about a hotel and company I love - greed. They want to force people, mainly conventioneers, who need two beds in a room into paying irrationally higher prices.

And you know what? I'm sick and fucking tired of it. Like I said earlier, I brought this to the attention of @EncoreLasVegas' lovely Twitter gal, Jade B., only to be given a sort of non-answer directing me back to the fee. That is not an answer and it is not a solution. And I'm getting sick and tired of not being able to stay at a hotel I love because it's exorbitantly overpriced on a summer weekend. As I mentioned before, I will be going back to Encore, but I desperately want to be able to go back sooner. I want that policy changed.

However, this is just my opinion. What do you guys think? Knowing that you could possibly get the queen rooms at a greatly discounted price but are prevented from doing so, would you still consider staying there? Am I just losing my cool over a trivial little detail and amount of money? What are your thoughts?



Comments & Discussion:

I can give you two easy solutions for this. Either ask for an ADA accessible room...(I know these to be the resort queens, I've had this before)...

Or do what I do when I took a large party this year. Ask for rollaway beds.

Not only is this a nicer option in some ways because you get the divider giving a bit more floor seperation, but the rollaway beds at Encore are also fantastic Wynn Dream beds.

I know this doesn't forgive the fee and their rationale, but it is an option for those of use who love Encore (read me) and need two beds (read not me as I normally travel alone.)

BINGO ! ! ! Double double-down ditto GO-O-O-O-A-LLL !!!

I noticed the change as well, and am usually in the same boat. This extra fee is (note the math) the same as a rollaway bed (*subject to availability, says WLV). As blackjacker notes, these are equally comfy (though twin size).

I'm wondering if a King reservation couldn't be converted to a Queen upon checkin for the $50 difference? Twittergal's answer seems to hint at that possibility. Or even, split the difference? Worth a try? They'd hardly give up a warm body (two warm bodies that also must eat and gamble) with the threat of moving across the street. And it's not a trivial amount of money, BTW. Not for some of us.

Perhaps this is merely an anti-douchebag policy and we should be thankful for that...? I've never heard that reason about being "for lovers." Wow(!).

Do all of the ADA rooms have 2 queen beds? And I'd be curious to know the number of standard rooms they have with double beds?

As a fellow Wynncore lover, I feel your pain. And yes, you have every reason to be frustrated right now. I agree with blackjacker here that you should either request an ADA room or rollaway beds next time you need a suite with more than one bed. There may be a way to get around that $50 fee...

I'd be frustrated too, although I'd probably just chalk it up to corporate mentality and strategey and be able to let it go.

I imagine though that some of your frustration is likely due to understanding computer systems and running up against corporate speak that doesn't. Even though we've become more technologically advanced, users such as yourself that understand how the system is processing something and what it 'should' be doing are going to get frustrated quicker when it doesn't work the way it should. The only consolation I can offer though is as an advanced user, think of the times you were able to take advantage of a company's reservation system through perhaps a loophole or an inferior setup on their part.

certainly not demand, at least right now.

seems like they should charge based on occupancy, not bed type. (double/triple/quad)

re ADA, when i called encore back around/before opening, they had EXTREMELY few ADA.

also forgot, doesnt tower get free rollaways?

"Now, that's not that much money,"

Oh hell yes it is, when it's half the cost of a room at other fine hotels in this town, I'll take my business elsewhere, at minimum to Wynn.

"Encore is built for lovers"

And partiers, and conventioneers. This one seems designed especially to put the screws to that last group.

To Brian and Others...

RE the ADA thing...from a design standpoint, I'd say they have a minimum of one per floor. that means at least 50 or so odd rooms. As their layout with the two queens and specifically the way bathroom fixtures are laid out, it makes sense they'd be stacked vertically for a plumbing/structural standpoint...

my guess is at the minimum as I said, one per floor. These again are all double queens i'd guess for handicap clearances (which I know the King rooms do not satisfy)

also, try to do the desk upgrade...the time I ended up in one I asked for a King to Panoramic upgrade...I got two queens for an extra 15 a night.

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