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Update: Encore Beach Club Opens May 28th (or 21st)

By Chuckmonster on Thursday, 25th February 2010 1:56pm
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Encore Beach Club

Just received a tip from VT reader/contributor Blackjacker1979 that the Encore Beach Club (aka "Switch Beach Club", "Surrender", "Beyond" and a half dozen other names) will - as expected - officially open on Memorial Day weekend May 28th-31st.

Update: The new date is May 21st, according to the suits doing their quarterly investor fluffing earnings call.

The grand opening event is sure to be a medium-sized whoopdi-doo-doo wherein The Steveness will profess his undying love for booze, boobs, body oil and blue period Picasso. Perhaps we should present him with a monogrammed Wynncore logo Speedo to mark the occasion?

At any rate, do book your rooms now as it will sell out and/or get incredibly expensive once the word gets out!



Comments & Discussion:

I'm going just a few weeks after it opens. My main question is still, what type of pool will this be during the day. Will it be open to all hotel guest, and will they charge for admission, or will it just be a second option to the main Encore pool?

I assume for the ladies this "club" will require a lot of plastic in all the right places, high heels, stupid bug-eye sunglasses, a nothing-kini, and just about as much white-matter.

--essentially any pseudo-celebrity LAVO keeps twittering to me! (i unfollowed them)

For the guys, bring the cash $$$$$$,hair gel and all your douche-bag superpowers that planet reality-star gave you! It's time to start a "situation"

does that clear up these B.S. beach clubs for you?

^^ hotcha!

Beach clubs / blonde vodka red bull =


That video actually epitomizes the experience... look at the background... its nothing but "doodz" looking for all the "hotties" that they thought would be there. Meanwhile the drunk girl proceeds to act drunk to further relish her status as center of attention, which must be maintained at all times to inflate her otherwise low self esteem.

I think the whole "pay pool" thing AKA pool party is a marketing gimmick in general (you could take the money spent on cover and simply stay at a better hotel with a better pool all together), but it will likely work well at Encore because its a swanky joint and like XS, will sell itself. I would assume it would be the most lavishly designed of all the pool party pools, so I suppose if you can justify paying for any pool experience, this would be it. I just hope it doesn't mean the "regular" pools will be demoted to kiddie pool status.

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