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The Pool at Aria is Open (Pics)

By Chuckmonster on Monday, 22nd February 2010 2:28pm
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To the surprise of nearly everybody, the pool at ARIA has magically opened. We stopped by to take some photos of the joint including cabanas. Unfortunately, we didn't take photos of the 5 choads in the jacuzzi, celebrating the opening of a new venue for douchewads. Enjoy!

Aria Pool

Lets get the important stuff out of the way... that brown thing in the back there is the "Pool Bar".

Aria Pool

Cup runneth over? The landscape architecture is quite different and interesting here.

Aria Pool

In addition to the expected presence of palm trees... the pools at area have a bunch of by non-deciduous needle bearing trees - conifers, pine trees etc.. The convention center right next to the pool is named after the very same trees.

Aria Pool

Fountains spurted water arcs over the pool. The silver thing with a Monte Carlo popping out of the top is the Viva Elvis theater.

Aria Pool

Of Aria's 4 (i think) pools, this was the only one that was actually open. The Liquid adult pool was roped off from prying eyes completely.

Aria Pool


Aria Pool

Some Cabanas.

Aria Pool

Exterior detail of Cabana #28.

Aria Pool

Interior shots of Cabana #31. Couch, table & four chairs, flat panel tv set, ceiling fan... not the most opulent cabana amenities we've ever seen.

Here is a little faux-panoramic video of some of the pool/cabanas. As you can see, the weather was pretty lousy that day.

Anyways, the rest of the pool is supposed to open in March, with Liquid opening April 1st (unless they changed it).



Comments & Discussion:

Really a pretty small pool area for a 4000 room hotel. Is that all there is to it?

...this pool feels just like the rest of Aria/ City Center (besides MO...) the whole project seems like Design wise it's... "almost done." The rooms were near ready, the casino is sorta fun, the service is synthetic at best and the restaurants are almost worth their prices. (Although, paying $12 for a grilled cheese is ri-cock-ulous and obscene)

And now we get a pool that's almost open and kinda cool. Where is the vertical element in the pool area that seems mostly flat... and all in stucco white...? Yes, interesting leaping water and random fountains... but where is the VEGAS SCALE for this pool that belongs amongst a City? Teleport the F-Blue Design plan for the pool... add the waterfall umbrellas and create some ambience... modern doesn't always have to translate into barren.

...feels like we're ALMOST being served edited-down leftovers... again. Meh.

I was at Aria last week, and it was great considering they just opened, but seeing this pool compared to the Wynn's pool or even comparing it to the Mirage or Flamingo pool you have to admit it's not that impressive for such a high end property. Both Mirage and Flamingo have beautiful grounds and waterfalls, things that both look great and do much more than a water stream that shoots over your head. I will still come here, but I think they need to do some work on their pool projects.

Did they ax the ultra cool, super futuristic cabana design they going on or will that be unveiled for the other pools?

it looks like it. big bummer.

Well, Mandalay Bay ain't got nuthin' to worry about.

Probably the same idiots that designed Wet Republic at MGM Grand. Sizewise it is a fairly large pool area, although Liquid is a small adult pool. Very serviceable for conventions, but not much of a resort feel.

Hi I am planning on going to Vegas during April and I am debating between staying at a Corner Suite at Aria or Salone Suite at Bellagio. I like a good pool, and Aria's looks decent, but I was wondering is the pool area at Bellagio a lot better? I have never stayed at Bellagio, and do not know how the pool area compares. Aria to me seems kind of bland from these pictures.

Oh hell no! Even Palazzo's horrible pools [besides Azure] are better then this.

my wife and I stayed here last month, liked the room, was iffy on the casino, i actually like the pool, this might actually help bring a fair amount of business here in the summer

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