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Dear Troy From Las Vegas...

By Chuckmonster on Friday, 19th February 2010 12:59pm
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In the latest episode of FiveHundyByMidnight, one of their loyal listeners and local Las Vegan Troy From Las Vegas, went on an extended tirade against The Trippies which included a fantastic array of enthusiastic recitations of his call to arms "FUCK THE TRIPPIES!"

Reading between the "FTT's" we see that Troy's main complaints are three:

1) The editors decision to induct Circus Circus into the Trippies Hall of Shame is anti-competitive.

2) The floating of a trial balloon during the Trippies 2009 awards show that FiveHundy be inducted into the Trippies Hall of Fame (because they won their category every year since we started) is also anti-competitive. He likened both decisions as akin to banning the Yankees from winning another World Series.

3) Wild Wild West should be available to win the "worst" in every category and FUCK THE TRIPPIES because it didn't.

It is my pleasure to respond to Troy's three points.

1) The Trippies are non-scientific poll designed to track larger structure trends in what VegasTripping readers (who, like us, are primarily tourists) find and enjoy. Circus Circus has won nearly every "worst" category for as long as we've been doing this. After the third year - a year in which Circus Circus upgraded nearly all of their dining offerings and unveiled some pretty spiffy rooms - it was apparent that Circus Circus had become a punching bag, not an objective selection. To keep things interesting, Circus Circus was removed from winning a "worst" award until it wins a "best" readers choice award.

2) The Hall of Fame idea came from the old Guitar Player Magazine readers poll. Every year for 8 years, Eddie Van Halen won nearly every guitar category... best solo, best album, best rock guitarist, best song, best acoustic, best striped socks, best actress wife... to keep things interesting and competitive, the editors of Guitar Player invented the "Hall of Fame"... people who won a category for 5 years straight, were inducted into the Hall of Fame, opening up the category for other people to win. It should be said that we haven't yet decided to institute this "Hall of Fame" idea, it was simply a trial balloon I floated out during the webcast. Maybe we will, maybe we won't. We'll see.

3) Wild Wild West won the Worst Off-Strip Readers Award in the 2009 Trippies. For this point, Troy, we happily accept your heretofore unoffered apology for cursing us out publicly based on complete misinformation.

I'd would also like to thank Tim and Michele for defending our honor as well.

Lastly, I leave you with this quote from Abraham Lincoln: "Friends, if you don't like it.... tough titties."



Comments & Discussion:

People take this stuff way too seriously.

Honestly, as much as I (heart) Tim & Michelle, I've been bailing out of the podcast once they're left with listener calls for .... A while.

I didn't realize Atltrainman had family in Las Vegas........

If you're going to bitch about some fan/user voted awards for Las Vegas, I think the "Best Of Las Vegas" that the LVRJ puts out would be the better choice......

My only suggestion is that, if you were to put FHBM in a Hall Of Fame, that the Best Podcast Trippie named in Tim & Michele's honor.

I actually listened to the tirade today and was pretty offended by it.
And I think that Tim had it right all of the way. Don't tell people how to do their own jobs. Start your own blog, website, or podcast or shut the fuck up. I hope that he has other more important things in life that he can get so worked up over.

i love how wild wild west should be included in every category. a hotel that the majority of us have either never heard of, let alone could find on a map. when you think of the best or worst of vegas, it is natural to think of the strip properties first, fremont properties second, and everything else a distant third.

why don't we just include the hotels in Reno as well for Trippies 2010...

this is like when magazines put together top XX lists. "the top 100 guitarists of all time" or "the top 50 love songs of all time" - the majority of the time these lists are done one of two ways - from a purely popularist perspective, or from the too-cool-for-the-room perspective, either way meant to generate discussion/interest/sales.

since the trippies were a voter endeavor and not picked by one guy in a room with a fifth of scotch, nor a bug up his ass about vegas, they are what they are - the VT readers' choices. guess what troy - you disagree with us. so fucking what. you don't like the wild wild west - don';t go there! i cant imagine many people do, since most people (except maybe locals) dont know where it is.

case in point - i wanted to know where it was - the VT maps don't have it listed. the maps at vegastodayandtomorrow.com (shut up atltrainman) don't have it on there.

i had to finally google search it, get the website (which was linked in with station casinos), then go thru a list of about 15 station properties before finding it, then i had to peruse their map until i found it. now i had an idea of where it was, i still couldnt find it on a VTAT map.

i probably took about 5 minutes just to find it on a fucking map.

i take it back from my previous post - i dout even locals could find it.

this sums it up pretty well >


And some people came to feel ownership over me and my blog. This is peculiar, wouldn't you think? But I guess the idea was that I had come to have a high profile by expressing a certain political point of view, and that meant I came to have a responsibility to represent the other people who held that political point of view, to use my tall soap box to speak on their behalf -- even if what they wanted me to say was different than what I myself felt like saying.

They felt like I owed it to them to toe their party line. They didn't have a tall soap box, so I owed it to them to use mine to say what they told me to say. This manifested often as emails where they offered me advice on what I should have said in a particular post, things I left out, and mistakes I made.

Part of what's peculiar about this is that they expected me to be grateful for the help. They never understood why I resented it. Hey, guys, it's my blog. It's there for me to say what I want. I don't represent anyone except myself. If you disagree with me, get your own damned blog. No, that wouldn't do -- such a person knew that even if they did start blogging, they'd never had the audience I did. It was vital to change my message, to take advantage of my high profile.

Boy, I take a few days off from reading this site and then what is the first thing I read when I come back..... two people bashing me over someone else's tirade on yet a totally different web site.

Some people are just haters.....

Lighten up Francis.


Atltrainman - you should not be offended, you should be chuffed that everyone talks about you even when you aren't here. your presence is legendary at this point.

Tim and Michelle certainly campaign the hardest to get votes. (You could call it the anti-campaign as they tout it pretty hard every show during the run, but then say "vote for whoever you think is the best, even if it isn't us). And... nothing wrong with that at all. They are very deserving of the award.

Taking Five Hundy out of the running will default the winner to The Strip Podcast. Vegasgang is a great show... but more cerebral and I'm guessing doesn't draw the same listener numbers. The Vegas Tourist doesn't seem to campaign to get in or get votes. Somewhat similar with Scott Whitney. I have no clue whether Vegas.com even still does a podcast and Greenspuns tourism side don't acknowledge other Vegas tourism outlets.

Don't retire Five Hundy yet. While I get (and remember) the Eddie Van Halen situation, I look at it this way: If a Michael Jordan or a Tiger Woods are the best year after year, you can't refute it.

Am I the only note noting that Troy has just been outed as "The Vegan"? That's a lot of soy sour cream on that taco.

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