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Is Vegas Headed For A Hawaiian Punch Out?

By Chuckmonster on Thursday, 18th February 2010 1:50pm
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Hot off the Associated Press comes word that some lawmakers in Hawaii are entertaining the idea of legalizing casino gambling in America's 52nd state*.

Tourists from the mainland would skip Las Vegas to sun on pristine beaches and take a turn at the roulette tables. Coveted high-rollers from Asia could avoid the long trans-Pacific flight, shortening their trip to the slots while also checking out the hula dancing.

And the hundreds of thousands of Hawaii residents who fly about six hours to Vegas would only have to jump in the car or hop a short flight to place a wager. Las Vegas is known around here as Hawaii's ninth island, and hotels in Nevada cater to the state's needs by serving island dishes and dealers wear flora aloha shirts.

Hrm. Go to the middle of the desert to sit in a casino that sorta looks like a lush island paradise or go to a lush island paradise casino... not sure if I can make that decision. Perhaps we should flip a Spam Musubi to decide?

* 4 out of 10 people think that there are 52 states. Fact!



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I just posted on Twitter about this, before I saw your story. But The only thing that could be better in the world than visiting Wyncore Las Vegas, would be visiting Wynn Hawaii right on the ocean, with its own beach. How amazing would that be!

I'm sure Boyd Gaming will hire some lobbyists to prevent this from happening. If Hawaii were to allow casinos, that would seriously take a bite out of Boyd Gaming's bottom line since they cater so much to the Hawaiian market.

@vespajet i would imagine that boyd would opened their own joints in hawaii and due to existing customer relationships they'd be the locals operator de rigeur. plus they wouldn't have to surrender money for jet fuel to The Cal.

@brianfey steve wynn is divorced now, you should email jennifer dunne and arrange a getaway weekend for you and The Steveuation.

Finally, a place I can gamble in my loud Tommy Bahamas without getting frowned on buy stripe shirted d-bags. Maybe a covered, open air, beach front poker room with fruity drinks and the sun setting in the distance...

I might never leave.

Doesn't the Monticito Hotel/Casino already own a property in Hawaii? I seem to remember an episode where Sam has to fly there to deal with a whale who wouldn't check out.

Also Tom Seleck, the last owner of the Monticito, came from Hawaii where he was known as Magnum, P.I.

So it just makes sense for the State of Hawaii to legalize gambling, and keep the tax revenue at home, while striking a blow to Harry Reid's state. After all, did they also just announce closing the Hawaiian Tropic Zone at Planet Hollywood?

This is fantastic! For those of us who give in to the wife and view " pool time " as a drinking game, a beach factors into my gambling at about the same level as my average Blood Alcohol Content %......about 0.15! This means I can still have me cheap, 2 hour flight to Vegas, find cheaper rates and less crowded tables......Aloha yall.

Atltrainman, I have the perfect name for their new casino Hawaiian casino....The Desert Inn.

Did you catch the part at the end talking about the pirate battles on the volcano in front of TI? He could work for the TSA with those skills.

It's dead, Jim.


No dice: Lawmakers in Hawaii kill proposals for casino in Waikiki or on Hawaiian lands

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