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Q & A With The Former Miss Planet Hollywood

By Chuckmonster on Wednesday, 17th February 2010 1:04pm
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Back in the pre-social media days, casino marketing treated us like idiots. In the post-social media days, casino marketing treats us like idiots-on-the-go. I disagree. VegasTripping readers only begin to be idiots until somewhere around the third quarter of the fourth martini. We see right through stupid #hashtag bullshit, search optimized nonsense and the cozycuddling of tweetwhores who trade their tweets for freebies. Still they ride, casino tweeters, into a desert sunset obscured by an endless barrage of 140isms, refolded retweets and shameless #dumvertising.

And then there is the former Miss Planet Hollywood.

As we mentioned a coupla posts ago, the 2009 Trippies Editors Choice for Best Tweeter - Brandie Feuer (formerly @phvegas, @vegasconcierge and @luxorlv) - has left Planet Hollywood for a brand new gig. Where oh where has the Wizard of Twitter landed? We'll let her tell you, right here, for the first time anywhere.

Request: please don't blow the surprise for everyone by posting the answer on Twitter twenty seconds after you read this post. Thx!

VT: Hi Brandie, thanks for putting your iBlackPhoneBerry down long enough to chit chat with us.... We're like so your biggest fans. *gush* #omg. 
So, what prompted your decision to leave Planet Hollywood?

Brandie: Harrah's. I'd like to say, "No, seriously..." Nevertheless, with the acquisition came (and continues to come) a lot of change, not bad, just change. It presented me with a unique situation to do what I love (building a brand) all over again.

VT: Let's Make a Deal: Either you take what is in this box [?], tell us what is behind Twitter Door #3 - your new gig - or teach us how to pronounce "Yemenidjian"?

Brandie: Is it a little blue box? I like the unknown, it's one of the reasons I chose Tropicana over the other opportunities I was presented. My new job is Director of Marketing & Innovation. This time, I get to oversee the whole kit and kaboodle - "traditional" advertising, PR and of course, interactive marketing (which includes social media and mobile). It's going to be one exciting, wild ride. The wheels in my head are already turning a mile a minute...

VT: Will you be tweeting for the Tropicana?

Brandie: I'm not sure yet, but doubtful.

VT: *gasp* How. Uh. What?

Brandie: The Internet Marketing Manager already tweets as @tropicanalv. I wanted @TropLV, but it's been taken by who knows. Right now, the plan is to stay @VegasGalB, and tweet about my Tropicana & Vegas experiences in general. I think it will be fun, new and different. Plus, you'll never have to re-follow me again. Okay... that sounds like a bet I might lose, haha.

VT: It's no secret that almost all of the major hotel/casinos and their corporate parents have been trying to (re)hire you, what made you choose the Tropicana?

Brandie: The objective reason to choosing a job comes down to four things - Title, People, Pay and Role (not necessarily in that order). The opportunity Tropicana presented aligned with those four more so than any other position offered.

The subjective reason? The people. Tom, Tom, et al make for one killer team. I'm thrilled and honored to be a part of that team. And of course, the role. As cheesy as I sound, the chance to bring the Tiffany of the Strip back to a new type of glory is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Moreover, to do it not just from an interactive perspective, but also from an overall marketing perspective is pretty f*ing cool. It was something I could not pass up.

VT: Have you met Wayne Fucking Newton yet? Is he as creepy in person as his hair helmet, Botox and bankruptcies would lead one to believe?

Brandie: I have not met Wayne yet. However, maybe he'll pop into my Orientation tomorrow. However, I hear he makes a great Water Boy at a lot of our Group Sales / famtours.

VT: This is the third time that you will be involved in building the online presence of a recently renovated casino resort. What do you see as the biggest challenge ahead for rebranding the Tropicana?

Brandie: As you wrote about previously, [here - CM] many great people have joined the Tropicana team (i.e. Tom McCartney, Tom Recine, etc.). Clearly, we see something that others have yet to see. The biggest challenge will be bringing what we see to life and getting everyone else to see it too.

VT: From what we've seen so far, we're pretty excited about the new Tropicana and can't wait until the Tiffany On The Strip has been restored to its former glory. Where should folks go who want to keep in touch with you and the New Tropicana?

Brandie: Thanks! I'm excited about it too. For now, @VegasGalB
Tropicana is on Facebook here: http://www.facebook.com/tropicanalv
Our Internet Marketing Manager tweets as @tropicanalv

VT: Thanks B!

Brandie: Thanks CM! I wouldn't have wanted to break the news any other way! And oh yeah, I owe you $20 bucks as I eat my words from a few months ago. Your check is in the mail ;)

[The backstory: way back in early December, I bet Brandie $20 that she would end up working at the Trop. Looks like I won. - CM ]



Comments & Discussion:

Congrats to Brandie and to Tropicana.. :)

I'm sorry but this is one of the most overrated bloggers in Vegas. @PHVegas, at most has 11K followers. D Level celebrities have a higher count.

I've seen WAY better accounts in LV - @WynnLasvegas, @ParisVegas, etc.

Seems like she's more concerned with self promoting (not sure why if you've met her) than promoting a brand. #fail

if follower numbers are your metric for measuring relative worth, then why the fuck are you posting a comment here?

We've had too many disappointments and false promises with Tropicana and its various owners in the past. Bringing Brandie on board is confirmation to me that we're in for something great.

Congrats, B!

Congrats Brandie. This is great news. You have done amazing work and the Tropicana is lucky to have you. Special place in my heart for that old place and I can't wait to have a reason to go there again. In my mind, the most exciting thing happening in Vegas right now.

I know I'm new around here, but do I get props for calling this in my first-ever vegastripping post yesterday?

Thank (most of) you all for your kind words & congratulations! I'm certainly a bit nervous, but most of all excited! Until recently, I didn't know the wonderful history of the Tropicana. But, as I dig in, the thought of bringing it back and updating it to something the Strip doesn't have and hasn't seen gets cooler by the minute.

ElevenEleven - yes, I thought that was funny. Next time you're in town, look me up... drinks on me!

Congrats Brandie, I was already planning on starting to build a play reputation at the Tropicana next trip based on some of their other moves and the way some of the other changes have been proceeding, this is another positive in my opinion. Plus I do like to see a property such as the Trop with so much history have new life.

to Vegaslocal, do you prefer the spam folder of your email overyour inbox? Most 'social media' done by casino's marketing department is at best spam and at worst technological junk. They've taken concepts that are about communication and turned it into another digital billboard. That's a serious failure to anyone with half an ounce of computer savvy, much less marketing savvy.

I don't have the same perspective that some of the guys from the Vegas sites do on vegasbgirl, but I've seen her work myself on twitter and know it's night and day between her and her counterparts using Twitter as a tool of communications.

I won't argue the merits of vegasbgirl as a social media marketer

Definitely another positive move for the Trop. They have put together a pretty good team. I'm just skeptical that they have enough rennovation money to move the needle. Based on what I've seen, the changes so far are only enough to tread water as a low end property. They need more dramatic/drastic changes just to get back into the mid-level tier.

Brandie provides an immense value to the Social Media community and I can honestly say, I've followed her progress to properties I never use to give two thoughts about. She's the reason I started to follow the Luxor tweets and again with PH so I'm excited to see what she'll do for the Tropicana.

Vegas has their own version of Tweetle Dee and Tweetle Dum who follow 35K people to get 35K followers. That is not value in social media. It's spewing spam. That noise is a disservice and I actually think less of the properties who cater to the stupidity. Wish corporationswould learn from the good people they lost, like Brandie, rather than spend time with channels that do more damage to their image than good.

^^ this comment is megabucks.

I'm split down the middle. While I agree follower count is NOT that important I've yet to be THAT impressed.

Flash mobs seem so 5 years ago. And phvegas was way too excited about their unoriginal idea.

I wish Brandy luck but will agree that she self promotes way too much. I've seen better in town. Going to the Tropicana is def a step down regardless of the spin you put on it.

Enjoy this website very much though.

Well, congrats to Brandi on the new gig. If there's one person who really make The Trop hip again... :-)

Well, I guess this just further establishes most of The Strip as a duopoly. I've never fully understood the love so many bloggers have for PHo (Yes, Brandie is a great social media wizard... But what about PHo itself was so great?), but it is a little scary to see so much of Las Vegas' fate determined by just two corporations.

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