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Wynn Couldn't Wait For Me to Get a Girlfriend

By MikeE on Saturday, 13th February 2010 12:58pm
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Steve, I was ready to drop the $600 or whatever the fluctuating price was. Truly, I was. But you had this little "price per person based on double occupancy" thing that killed it. I hit up my network of friends, but they couldn't understand the badass-ness of it all. I started dating in hopes to find that special someone where I could justify spending $1200 for the both of us. And then I was going to dump her and find someone else to do it with all over again.

What am I talking about? I'm saddened to report that Wynn's super-cool and reasonably valued "Jetsetter" deal is no more. What I so fondly referred to as the "Kiss My Ass, TSA" package, I could have flown out of my ultra convenient Orange County airport on a charter straight to Wynn with bubbly in hand to be greeted by transportation waiting at McCarran's signature terminal. With room keys in my pocket (check in having been taken care of on board the plane), I'd go straight to my room upon arrival only to find my luggage there waiting for me.

So how can something as awesome as that fail? Poor marketing, that's how.

Let's say it's Friday and I'm excited about a weekend at Encore, but as though the 91 East bound's traffic hasn't already sucked the soul out of me, I'm now waiting in the parking lot known as the base of the Cajon Pass with the vast majority of the other cars obviously Vegas-bound. There, a Wynn billboard stands mocking, and yet intriguing me. Touting the signature logo and European pool as a backdrop to an Embraer jet, it reads:

With our Jetsetter package, you'd already be poolside by now.

Despite the stress, the weekend was a blast and now it's Sunday. I'm sleepy, hungover, and stuck in the sweltering heat of the I-15 near state line. And there it stands again - another mocking billboard telling me I'd already be home.

Wynn: please bring the Jetsetter package back and hire me to do your marketing.



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Its pretty clear that Wynn Resorts' marketing chops are kinda lousy. It will be interesting to see how they deal with competitive pressures as WLV continues to age and ARIA finds its footing.

Double occupancy was indeed the killer. It eliminated all the last minute corporate execs. I would be interested to know how often Wynn's corporate jets flew to LA before (and after) the offer.

Damn, Mike! I was about 125% sure you'd have partaken of this offer, and was practically drooling at the prospect of a trip report on the convenient arrangements and ride aboard the Wynn charter jet.

I'm not sure it was entirely a lack of marketing: first, one had to be within reasonable reach of the only two airports involved, and second, recovering room rates may signal an end to the need for such promotions (though a recent NCAA-event offer from Wynn has shed $50 in less than a week).

Ironically, perhaps the more people begin to feel they have money to spend, the more OC residents will splurge for the convenience (and luxury) factor. Wouldn't hurt to add some other cities as well. Could be a great counterattack from Wynn.

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