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Star Trek : The Experience Lives On?

By BlackHillsBoozeHound on Friday, 12th February 2010 2:13pm
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If you've ever had the pleasure of sipping a Warp Core Breach while awaiting your Flaming Ribs of Targ, you're probably still feeling the sting of the closure of Star Trek: The Experience at the Las Vegas Hilton. I know firsthand the hollow feeling as you walk past the shelled-over wall that was once the entrance to one of the coolest hangouts on Sector 001. I haven't (yet) put one of those maudlin Post-Its on the wall, but I will confess to having stood there and read them, nodding.

There was a lot of hullaballoo surrounding the news of The Experience moving to Neonopolis. Everyone seemed on-board, especially my gin-brother Mayor Goodman. But as the economy continued to swirl the bowl, there became a noticeable lack of… anything. No construction had been started, despite an initial projection of a May 2009 soft opening to tie in with the Star Trek reboot in theaters. As of now, there is still really little evidence of anything going on within the building.

Trekkies were in an uproar when it was announced last week that the equipment and sets that remained from ST:TE were going up on the auction block. Godless whiners, the entire lot of us, to shut us up CBS had to release a statement that they were still 100% behind the reopening, but it would be more like 2012. Though at this point CBS may have chosen that date hoping the Mayan apocalypse strikes first.

So is it going to reopen? Chuckmonster is dubious, while I remain cautiously optimistic. In the interim, there are a couple ways to get your fix.

Vernon Wilmer, one of the costumed Borg from the Borg Invasion ride, did an incredible job as unofficial historian during his tenure. He has begun a documentary series entitled "Star Trek: My Experience," which is, to borrow a phrase from my favorite Vulcan, fascinating. What? Did you just say Tuvok? Come here, I'm gonna smack you. Star Trek: My Experience can be either viewed online or downloaded here.

For a more interactive retrospective, I can't help but enthusiastically rave: hey, check THIS shit out - a 360-degree view, complete with zoom, of many different areas throughout ST:TE, as well as the audio from the rides (they can't show the video for some manner of legal bullshit that neither you nor I understand).

And, until 2012, keep your fingers crossed that the Neonopolis location gets back on track. Live long, and tell 'em Boozehouse sent ya.



Comments & Discussion:

At this point, I'd be surprised if they ever do reopen ST:E at Neonopolis. I put it at slightly more likely than the Lady Luck reopening this decade.

Long Live the Experience!!!

Even if it does reopen, I'll just probably sit around New Quark's frowning at my drink, bitching about how it's not as cool as Old Quark's was.

In case anyone doubts either the author's love of the old Quark's @ ST:TE or the reason behind his moniker, here's a descriptive photo: http://tinyurl.com/drinkdave

Many thanks for the kind words, all, your feedback is very much appreciated.

Drake, if you think my jib is cut fancy, you should see my futtock shroud.

Like 6 months ago on a Star Wars (not Trek) podcast chat I talked with a bartender from Qwark's and he said that they were in concept art stages. Apparently they are working on it, but it will most likely be a long wait. When it does open, I guarantee that my 1st drink will be with Boozehound and KungFu April.

Its not really about whether they can make money on it. Until they decide how to proceed, nothing is going to get done. Someone inside CBS/Paramount marketing needs to champion this idea and get the ball rolling. Unfortunately, they are more likely to shift the attraction to a theme park in LA or Orlando.

As a former employee, I'm at once delighted and frustrated by any news that comes trickling out of CBS (CBS, as I understand it, controls the theme-park rights, not Paramount). So it looks like I'm going to be stuck on this planet for another two years. Still, if at least somebody there has any amount of understanding for the affection that the fans hold for the place, it should come out alright (although I, too, will bitch about every little thing that's different, but that's how we fans are). Either way, whether it happens or not, Vegas is going to be the place. A lot of money changed hands to give the rights to Neonopolis, and assuming that desolate building doesn't blow away in the gusting desert wind, that's where it'll land. CBS, Mr. Joshi, make it so.

i can bet that this will happen and Neonopolis is the perfect place for it. If anything can get people to visit that part of Freemont it's this.

I would love to see the entire Creations Con move Downtown. Imagine the clashing of worlds on the Easternmost edges. Kind of a neo-hobo-geek-crack salesman-drunken frat boy's girlfriend vibe going on. I might never leave.

Wolff359, if I may ask, in what capacity did you serve on the Time Station?

When is the star trek the experience ride open?

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