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Welcome BlackHillsBoozeHound!

By Chuckmonster on Thursday, 11th February 2010 1:35pm
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It is my duty to announce to y'all the addition of BlackHillsBoozeHound (aka BoozeHouse) to VT's staff of crackpot writers.

As you will come to know - or already know by his zany postings all over The Board - Boozehouse's insanity is a rare one indeed, perhaps only bested by his incredible knowledge of Vegas and the detail to which he and his lovely wife Kung Fu April prepare for their trips. Dude, spreadsheets, like serious-whoa-holy-crap-detailed-with-pivot-tables-and-the-whole-schmear.

I'm man enough to admit that I have been on the receiving end of the hurricane that is BlackHillsBoozeHouse, and was scared that the structural integrity of ARIA's View Bar and my own health and well being would survive that particular afternoon intact. When I close my eyes and remember that meet up, three things come to mind: the three shades of green that Hunter turned during our early morning drink out, kissing some guy on the lips and watching BoozeHouse nearly take down a glass wall without assist.

Strap on your helmets, BoozeHouse is in the... uh... house.



Comments & Discussion:

"Some guy"? Hey, that cheap tramp was ME!

I've been a longtime fan, occasional poster, and general lurker of Vegas Tripping for some time, and love the VT crowd. Even the Canadians. Ha - what am I saying? ESPECIALLY the Canadians!

And next time, I'm gonna aim for the glass wall in the middle.

Welcome, BlackHills! I can't wait to read more of your rants here. :-)

Thanks atdleft! It won't be all rants, much of it will just swing between semi-accurate details and outrageous lies.

Hey BoozeHouse!

What a pleasure it was to meet you and KungFuApril at that meetup. The furniture at View Bar: Fail!

Thanks again for the round, and now I owe you (a real, honest greasyspoon) brunch at Peppermill. Or perhaps one day, a Warp Core Breach: the Next Generation. Qapla'!

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