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More Thrilling Than Four Splits Against a Dealer Six

By MikeE on Saturday, 6th February 2010 12:11pm
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Vegas is dotted with a number of places that rent exotic cars. For somewhere in the neighborhood of $1500, you too can pretend to own a Ferrari for a 24-hour period.

Worth it? Hardly.

I mean, if you do shell out the dough, you'd have to seek out an empty road near Red Rock Canyon to open her up and let her show you what she's got. Of course, you'll still be at the mercy of traffic laws and radar guns just around the hairpin you took at 75.

But maybe your intentions aren't to press the limits of Italian engineering excellence. Maybe you only fancy cruising the strip with the top down and leaving gawkers with camera phones wondering if you're a celebrity. The image, however, is ruined when they see the license plate frame: "Rent Me! Call: 702-xxx-xxxx!"

As if either one of those scenarios isn't hindering the fun already, just remember: the daily rental fee won't be anything compared to a dent or a scratch. And trust me - they'll run mirrors underneath the front air dams to make sure you didn't grind on those jarring-as-fuck speed bumps while valeting at THEhotel.

But maybe you're like me. Maybe you once road shotgun in a speeding Lambo and swore it was better than sex as you exited the car with legs quivering. Maybe getting pinned to a seat while accelerating from 100 miles per hour is more thrilling to you than anything atop Stratosphere. If you're serious about getting behind the wheel of an exotic, then might I suggest these guys.

Discovered in the back pages of the Seven Magazine premier issue we last discussed, Exotics Racing seems like a much, much better option than renting on your own. It might not be yours to valet in and out of, but it's a much cheaper price of entry for a helluva lot more speed limit free fun.



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Empty roads aside, the LV Speedway hosts some nights where they let people drive road legal cars they've brought around as fast as they want to. I imagine that the "Rent A Supercar" places are a bit more booked those nights than normal, but in this economy...

Long time best kept secret to open your car up that most locals don't even know about:
http://maps.google.com/maps?f=d&source=s_d&saddr=Unknown road&daddr=36.475687,-114.82584&hl=en&geocode=FR4kKwIdb-Im-Q%3B&mra=dme&mrcr=0&mrsp=1&sz=13&sll=36.446833,-114.808502&sspn=0.089756,0.222988&ie=UTF8&ll=36.430399,-114.846611&spn=0.17955,0.445976&t=h&z=12

The first 6 miles are improved and in great shape except for a couple places where it looks like 2 feet were cut out (pipeline or something) and never repaved. However, those spots are still smooth. The last two miles are unimproved pavement with a couple of potholes but nothing major.

My advice? Drive the entire 8 miles from US 93 north just to make sure the road is trouble-free (loose gravel, dirt, unexpected pothole). Then drive all the way back to 93 at more normal speeds. Make your run headed northbound. Why? If you make it southbound, a cop on the freeway can spot you and try to catch/cut you off at US 93. Northbound freeway traffic is less likely to notice you nor be able to pace you.

Not that I've ever done this before... in more than one car.

I wouldn't do it on a bike because an unexpected bit of dirt or gravel could send you sliding.

Don't wreck your car. You are a LONG way from the nearest ambulance or hospital. IE, don't push any car beyond your comfort zone.

Make one run then head back toward town. Someone from the power substation or the couple of other businesses that line the road might call you in. You are driving back at the speed limit by the time NHP gets there.

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