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Wynn Future and Past Concepts: Catch Them While You Can!

By MikeE on Thursday, 4th February 2010 12:46pm
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We are always and forever grateful to our readers, especially when they send us a doozy of a find. And they don't get much doozier than the doozy that doozy-finding-master mac78130 sent our way a few hours ago.

I present to you interior concept developer, Jeffrey Schneider.

These drawings illustrate an extremely vivid and fanciful concept of the ideas that are currently at work in Wynn's properties. More interestingly, however, are the ideas that never made it passed paper.

Many moons ago, the Admiral leaked a few of Encore's plans teasing us about lush gardens and a "feature" a la Bellagio's fountains, Mirage's volcano, et al. While the gardens were toned down and the feature scrapped, we can see in the atrium concept that the gardens were meant to be as lush as HHH had told us and that Wynn Macau's Tree of Prosperity had a spot at Encore too. I remember rumors of high limit areas standing on their own "islands" with bridges for access and Steve Wynn talking about "delicious" new ways of playing with water. Curious is this concept for the casino - a cream and black version of Wynn Las Vegas. What a shame that so many of these ideas never quite made it into the resort.

But perhaps among the best finds are the drawings for Encore Macau, which will seem to boast a near exact replica of Wynn's Tower Suites lobby. Dig a little deeper and you'll find the once unearthed, but since long been pulled Wynn Monaco concepts as well.

As with any find this good, jump on it. We give it a shelf life of no more than a week.



Comments & Discussion:

Let me just state, as a tremendous fan of the work of WD&D throughout the world, I absolutely despise the abhorrent Encore Macau tower exterior. I think it's bland, boring, and NOT in line with anything Wynn is.

That aside, these are a remarkable find. Thanks mac!

Cool! What I really enjoyed were his concepts for Paris Las Vegas. While some of the finished results ended up pretty faithful to the original designs, that pool area concept is awesome! Much better than what was eventually built.

Amazing find indeed. I believe it was Mark Adams that talked about a poker area on a island, or surrounded by water. Indeed that rumor was partially true at one point, Though it was high gaming areas, not poker. Its too bad that water feature didn't make it into the final product, but space wise it might have been a tight fit, as its not very wide even as it is now. I wondered if you all caught the several shots they show of a possible Tableau redo? We also have to look forward to a new place at Wynn that will be replacing DB later this year.

Brian, are you referring to this image being a possible new look for Tableau?


Different ceiling, same windows. I'd say I like the current look much more.

I keep coming back to admire these images for their sheer beauty. When looking at the last three images for Wynn Las Vegas, it just occurred to me that these might be possible ideas for the golf course redevelopment (if Wynn's faith in the United States is ever restored). Other shots make me nostalgic for the old B Bar - way better than what they've currently got in that space.

Nevermind, Brian. I see you were talking about this:


Great find Mac! Thanks for sharing. God I love Wynn anything...

I think that the "Early Concept" of Wynn Las Vegas looks a bit like the original Desert Inn buildings.. would have be interesting to see something like that on the strip. Modern-Craftsmanish.

The Encore atrium renders are brilliant. While I love what was built, the renders just take it to the next level..

...and god that took fucking forever to save all those renders from that site. I dont think my Print Screen button has ever been hit that many times in a row... I'm honestly shocked the website is even still up.

I could tell you about my "delicious" new ways of playing with water...

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