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Encore vs. Aria

By Chuckmonster on Wednesday, 3rd February 2010 3:30pm
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For the past five years, one of the most hotly debated questions in all of Las Vegas fandom was "Bellagio vs. Wynn, which one is better and why?"

The opening of Encore in December, coupled with the economic crash let the market make the decision for us. Bellagio lowered its baseline hotel room rates to the high double digits, Wynn & Encore - except during the very worst of it - hovered in the $119 range.

Trippies 2009 results also provide evidence that Wynn and Encore have finally taken the crown from Bellagio. It has been settled via Battle Royale Satisfaction Index as well... Bellagio: 5.29 vs Wynn 5.63 (check out the rating distribution for Bellagio!)

Now, there is a new question on the block: "Where should I stay: Encore or ARIA?". It's been hotly discussed on The Board, and asked of us dozens of times via Twitter. Despite ARIA being open for barely six weeks, the early reviews on VT's Battle Royale: Encore vs. Aria Satisfaction Index at 5.82 vs 5.88, ever so slightly in favor of ARIA.

It should also be said that ARIA only has a handful of reviews in its corner, so if you've been to ARIA, stayed there and experienced it... log into MyVegas, then add it to your favorites, rate and review it.... the more intelligent opinions we add to the index the better the end result will be for everyone who uses it for trip research.



Comments & Discussion:

So where do I stay? Aria or Encore?

I find this whole debate confusing since I wouldn't choose Encore over Wynn.

I think it's a valid debate in due time:

I'm waiting to experience the Pool Complex @ Aria During Primetime pool season.

If we're talking Winter Trips, although I have yet to stay at Aria, I'm obsessed with it. Everything I've saw to the Art, to the Waterfall Wall, to the lighting outside, it's amazing.

But due to the Location and Im going with Aria! I will rate it after my April Trip!

I suggest you hold out for The Harmon, Cosmopolitan, Fountainbleau, or Echelon. Any one of those should be a 2010 Trippies Editor's Choice winner.

Whoops! I guess it isn't over yet...


Encore just took the lead at 5.82 vs. Aria at 5.78! Wynncore may just pull off an upset... And Steve-o and Roger Thomas can have the last laugh. ;-)

Seriously, I love both CityCenter and Wynncore... I just can't help but feel a few extra warm fuzzies for my beloved Wynncore. The suites are divine and the restaurants are superb.

The Harmon: Epic fail. Will cater to those willing to blow a wad on a name or star sighting. Entrance is lame, across from Cosmo's loading dock. Building is lame, engineered wrong. Concept is LAME. Seriously I don't see this resort putting a dent anywhere.

The Cosmodeutschepolitanbank: Not sure if and what it will do, but again think we're looking at a PH Towers level resort sandwiched in a good location. They can't even figure out who's going to run the place so how will they win any service awards. Wouldn't be surprised if MGM tried sucking it into the CC complex.

Fontainefail: Sorry that this resort came to what it is, but I think it's a while before we see a concept yet alone a success with its location and problems hovering over its head.

Echelon...really? Really? You really wanna say that one. In 2010? Yeah?

I love the comedy here.

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