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Thanks China!

By MikeE on Tuesday, 2nd February 2010 2:18am
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You know those high-speed trains between Anaheim/Victorville and Vegas that everyone keeps talking about? You know, the ones we all thought would never happen?

Well the fantasy is turning into a reality.

Fox 5 News is reporting that thanks to a hefty $7 billion loan from Export-Import Bank of China, the 300 mile per hour Maglev train might actually come to fruition. That's Anaheim to Vegas in far less time than it takes most of southern California's coastal community residents to just reach the I-15 on a Friday.

This is big. No, this is huge. There are several flights out of Orange County per day. This has the potential of wiping them all out. This makes day trips to Disneyland for Las Vegans possible. People in Summerlin can get to Laguna Beach faster than people in San Bernardino. International travelers wanting to conveniently hit Southern California and Vegas in one trip won't have any trouble doing so. If the price is right, commuting Las Vegans can search for jobs in the Anaheim area while raising their families in more affordable Henderson. And of course, us southern Californians can stop worrying about a congested I-15 and start day tripping.

Nice knowing you, Pechanga!

Thanks to BillyInLasVegas for the tweet tip.



Comments & Discussion:

Rad. It's about time. Although the whole rental car/iPod/280 mile drive thing is a ritual I can see myself going back to pretty easily.

Awesome! Now I can combine my two hobbies: visit disneyland by day, then Vegas by night.

I hope this comes to pass - would love to see more high-speed rail in the States.

I love the "bullet trains" here in Japan - the best part is avoiding all the soul-crushing security theater that getting onto an airplane in the States involves nowadays. Just buy your ticket, hop on the train, stow your own bags, and kick back and relax.

The drive TO Vegas is fine. It's the drive home that sucks. If they could equip the train to carry cars, it would be perfect!

I really REALLY hope this comes to fruition. Especially a MAGLEV, which I've heard is a bit safer and smoother of a ride. High speed train will still have the same problems of derailment... and I'm scared of the rail system around Cajon Pass!

This is pretty much the best thing ever. If this and the SF-LA train get built it will become even sweeter to live here than it already was. Almost makes up for the hellish daily traffic.

While $7 billion definitely gets the ball rolling on this project, for the sake of comparison, the Shanghai Maglev, which runs all of 19 miles, cost $1.33 Billion. That comes out to $70 million per mile. Based on what the article mentions, it looks as though Transrapid, the German firm who built the Shanghai Maglev, will be the one whose technology will be used for this project. Unless they've been able to reduce their costs per mile, $7 billion may not even get the Maglev track to the state line.

I think it will be more successful if it links up with one of the monorail stations.

"International travelers wanting to conveniently hit Southern California and Vegas in one trip won't have any trouble doing so."

Since their high rollers would fly directly to Vegas, I was wondering what China's interest in this could be. Except of course, owning even more of our debt.

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