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The Math According to Stratosphere

By Chuckmonster on Friday, 29th January 2010 4:19am
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When we weren't looking - which is often - The Stratosphere put together a mini website which makes a case for it being the best place to enjoy Vegas for under $100/day. The website is located at LasVegasUnder100.com.

Stratosphere Under a Hundy

Hungry? Enjoy all your meals at The Buffet for $24.99!

Thirsty? Get a bucket of beer at the Back Alley Bar for $20!

Still thirsty? Bottomless cocktails at the C Bar for $19.99!

Bored? Go see American Superstars for $19.99!

That huge chunk of the pie there... with the 777 in there that says "Lots More to Play With"... that is a whopping $15.03, but it takes up about 65% of the graph... hrm... deceptive much?

But wait, there's more! The fine print for "American Superstars @ $19.99" says "with hotel stay." But uh... whut whaat WHAAAT? One night at the Strat is gonna run anywhere from $30-75 depending on the day of the week! Add that $30 bucks in there for the hotel and... doh!... it adds up to...

Stratosphere Under a Hundy

Lots more to play with? On a scale of one to bupkis, you've hit the jackpot. At least you've gotten your date (you) drunk.

It's good to know that the Strat is still giving it the ol' college try.



Comments & Discussion:

Why do 85% of the costs take up less than 50% of the pie chart?

This really isn't such a great deal. Here's the average per room/per day revenue for Strip casino hotels:
Gaming: about $220
Food: About $85
Drinks: about $30
Room: about $150
Assuming double occupancy, the average Strip-goer spends about $42 per day on food and $15 on drinks, leaving $57 for gambling and entertainment if you are sticking to a $100 budget (luckily for casinos, each hotel guest averages $110 in gambling alone per day). Assuming you spent only $20 on a show, you'd have more than double left to feed into the video poker machines than on the Stratosphere plan.

And they'd better hope that their guests spend more than $15 each in the casino, because even with a full hotel, they'd be averaging about $90,000 a day in gaming revenue if all the guests tried to do the Strat for under $100 a day. The average Strip property pulls in about $750,000.

If guests actually spent like this, it would be a Hindenburg-level disaster for the casino.

So bad math, bad marketing plan.

As much as it comes off as such, I don't think they're trying to imply that this is a daily thing. I see this as spread out over a trip. I'm not going to see the show every day and I probably wouldn't want the buffet after the first day (going on previous experience). The only thing I see on there as a daily cost would be the drink options, and even then I don't know if I'd want to do that every day either (but the chances are much greater that I would.)

Also, you can't factor in room cost since it's pretty much a given that you're paying for a room if you're in Vegas (unless you're comped, and if you're comped you probably wouldn't be at the Strat anyway.)

i guess it's true - 6 out of 5 people have problems with percentages.

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