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Planet Hollywood Loses Mind, Touts Trippies On Homepage

By Chuckmonster on Thursday, 28th January 2010 5:27pm
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Ladies and gentlemen, mark this date - January 28th 2010 - as the date when the freaks took over the asylum.

Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino has placed a Trippies 2009 winners badge on their website that links to an entire webpage touting all four of the Trippies awards they won this year.

This is the first time a Las Vegas resort has admitted, publicly, via their website or PR materials, that YOUR VOICE MATTERS, a pretty significant achievement. By placing a Trippies badge prominently on their website - in a Miss America / Holly Madison sandwich (hubba hubba x ~51) - they are showing, without a shadow of a doubt, that THEY are PROUD to have won an award selected by you, the readers of VegasTripping. Pretty fucking awesome, I'd say.

For all the words we spill, dissecting and comparing the levels of service we've experienced through our collective travels, having a property roll out a virtual "Thank You Trippers" welcome mat is undeniably huge.

No, VegasTripping isn't as large or illustrious as the AAA Five Diamond Awards, Michelin Guide or the Forbes (Mobil) Travel Guide. Nor are we professional "secret" hotel inspectors who are shadowed by ear-piece wearing hotel employees as they "secretly" inspect a resort. Nor are we people who only come to Vegas because someone told them so, for work, not play.

We are real people.

We really spend dozens of hours comparing offers, coupons and marketing deals, and don't just get an itinerary from the home office. We really pay for our own hotel rooms, and don't just charge them to the guide book expense account. We really count down the days until our trip with real excitement, and don't shrug "if its Thursday, it must be Vegas." We taste the really good and the really bad everywhere, and really aren't followed around by the VP of Operations radioing staff to make things perfect before we arrive. We really are the smartest and most informed of all of the Vegas loving freaks, and we are adding more and more people every day.

Planet Hollywood's having the guts to stand up and proudly scream "We won a Trippie!" is a testament not only to the folks who run PH's web operation, but a testament to YOU... the readers, commenters, board hogs, lurkers, first time posters and even a resident bastard or two.

It didn't hurt that Admiral Hillegas double dog dared @phvegas to do it should they win a Readers choice award.



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Yes, it's awesome. Im on their facebook page and they thanked me for voting for them publicly. They were honored. Andrea R. is the Director of Public Relations and she loves the Trippies! BTW She's figgin awesome too.

I love PH and Andrea they really do make you feel PHamous!

That's great, I predict they aren't the last :D

Props to you, the readers/voters and Planet Hollywood for recognizing!

That is AWESOME.

PH should learn how to spell "pageant," though.

I couldn't have said it better! Not only are we proud and excited about all the awards we won, but we also recognize the time and effort that went into putting the awards together - both from the readers who voted to the Vegastripping Gang who handled the operational side. From all of us at PH, thank you!

I will echo the comments of others, this is really awesome!

Congrats to you guys for putting together a place like VT that allows us Vegas enthusiasts a place to share!

Very cool. What's next -- Trippies on the Encore website? Show us some love Steve!

I guess the folks at PHo are having one last bit of fun before their site is merged into Harrah's shitty website and their casino is forever ruined.

Really cool to see the Trippies get recognized, tho.

Too bad that the pHo management is in the process of being given the boot and pHo now joins the Harrah's empire. anyone want to come up with a line as to the over/under whether this happens again next year?

you will be assimilated

I have proudly listed "Trippie Award-winning author" under the honors section of my Linked-in page for quite some time now:
I want to win a second one some day so, in an homage to Owen Hart, I can proclaim myself a "two-time Trippie Award winner" and carry around the two awards everytime I do an interview. Sure, a Slammie might be more prestigious in some circles, but I don't think they still give those out, and if they do, I'm pretty sure I'm not going to win one unless I make a major career change.

"We really spend dozens of hours comparing offers, coupons and marketing deals, and don't just get an itinerary from the home office"

Is it just me, or is that the funniest thing ever!! I luv you Chuck et al. for actually admitting that it's only dozens of hours. I spend maybe half an hour, and rely solely on you guys to help me out!!

Thanks again, and I'm glad you got recognized for being the coolest, scotchiest guys in town!!!!!!!!!!

Oops, wrong thread! Yay for PHo! I hope Harrah's doesn't screw it up.

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